A conversation with Bob Russell

Here is a excellent conversation with Brian Croft and Bob Russell about Pastoral Ministry in Mega-Churches (Over 1,000 in attendance).  Bob Russell went to pastor Southeast Christian Church over 50 years ago when it had 120 people.  When he retired after 40 years as Senior Pastor it had over 18,000 members and was one of the largest churches in the world.  Bob remains a sweet, humble, down to earth minister of the gospel and every pastor would be helped to listen to the wisdom of this seasoned pastor Brian interviews here:

You can check out Bob’s writing and speaking ministry HERE


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2 comments on “A conversation with Bob Russell
  1. Bernie Diaz says:

    Thank you for this interview Pastor Brian. I’m a local church pastor (which I planted 10 years ago) in South Florida of a congregation also around 75 people and am looking for encouragement and exhortation.

    I’m an expository preacher and we’re a serious, simple discipleship oriented church, doing a Christ-exalting, sufficiency of scripture minded ministry, yet we’re struggling to grow significantly. Though our success barometer is to be faithful, how can a smaller church pastor like me with the limited growth of fruit continue on?

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