How are pastors to do the work of an evangelist?

What role does the pastor play in the church’s work of evangelism? What does Scripture say about the pastor in relation to the work of evangelism?

How does pastoral evangelism relate to the church’s tendency toward apostasy? What does pastoral evangelism look like in the context of the local church and its surrounding community?

How might evangelism affect the preaching ministry of a pastor?  Listen as Brian and Jim address this oft-neglected aspect of pastoral ministry.

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2 comments on “How are pastors to do the work of an evangelist?
  1. John Schluter says:

    Prophets, apostles, evangelist, elders and teachers (pastor is not a greek or an english word) Its Latin the real meaning shepherd= paniemas …one of the jobs of the elders to oversee and shepherd.

  2. Gary Sweeten says:

    Every one of those mentioned is to equip others to DO ministry. The Pastor does not have any more of a senior role than an Evangelist or Apostle or a Prophet. If every one equipped members, disciples then, growth will occur.

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