All funds that go to support Practical Shepherding will allow…

  • Staff support so that more books and resources can be written, published, and distributed especially to places and pastors that cannot afford them.
  • More books to be sent to needy areas of the world where pastors are being trained, but cannot afford practical resources.
  • More opportunity and time to travel, teach, and train pastors throughout the world.
  • More opportunity with efficiency to counsel pastors usually dealing with time sensitive issues.
  • More time for free resources to be written and made available via the internet.

How can I donate a tax deductible gift to Practical Shepherding?

If you wish to give financially to this ministry, all gifts are tax deductible.   Please send a check or money order to:

Practical Shepherding, Inc
P.O. Box 21806
Louisville, KY 40221


Through Paypal…


Help send free Practical Shepherding resources to pastors around the world.