Practical Shepherding is a Gospel-driven resource center for pastors and church leaders to equip them in the practical matters of pastoral ministry.  A wise trainer of pastors once said he would rather address 50 pastors than 1,000 churchmen.  This statement highlights the obvious implication of how best to impact God’s people in local churches—by reaching their pastors.

Many pastors lack the necessary training to perform even the most basic of pastoral duties.  In fact, even pastors who have had some kind of formal theological training still lack the practical training that every pastor will inevitably need to face the daily grind of pastoral ministry.   There are very few outlets and resources for this training, and this reality grows even dimmer once outside the United States.  Most of the pastors we help cannot financially support our ministry.

Because of this, Practical Shepherding exists to try and meet these many needs and is primarily accomplished through…


Just in 2015 alone, we published seven books through three different publishers.  We have approximately eighteen books published with our ministry and more on the way.  We have books being translated into five different languages and there are approximately over 45,000 copies of Practical Shepherding books that have been distributed throughout the world.  Our books function as the core of our ministry and the primary resources through which we train pastors for the work of the ministry.  To view our book page, go here.


The Practical Shepherding blog has approximately 5,000 subscribers (many pastors or aspiring ones) with 18,000 – 20,000 additional hits from over 100 different countries every month.  Several other blogs repost Brian’s materials weekly.  Pastors from every continent in the world (excluding Antarctica) have written Brian, leaving comments and asking questions in regard to the weekly posts he writes.


The audio of Brian’s Sunday sermons, as well as his practical shepherding teachings and trainings at other conferences and seminars, are made readily available to download and listen to for free.  Brian speaks and trains pastors throughout America and in several other countries around the world.  To see his speaking schedule, go here.

Articles and Book Reviews:

These resources are shorter than a book, but longer than a blog post and written by seasoned pastors connected to our ministry.  They focus on the different practical matters of pastoral ministry and careful evaluation of the latest ministry books.  These are free resources that help pastors discern what books and resources are more helpful than others.  This section will also include other credible book reviewers on pastoral ministry books and resources.  To see our article page, go here.

Pastoral Training:

Brian is often asked to meet with pastoral interns, elder boards, and theological institutions to teach on the practical matters of pastoral ministry.  These trainings have a variety of men who range from young and aspiring pastors to seasoned pastors of many years.  Many requests come from key, strategic places unable to fund travels there.


Brian receives weekly phone calls in the United States and more emails than can be answered from all over the world asking questions, seeking counsel, and desiring help in the midst of the very difficult, painful, and complicated issues that pastors face regularly.


Our podcast is called, “Trench Talk” where Brian and other like-minded pastors discuss the different issues that pastors face and determine biblical and practical solutions for them.  You can subscribe to our podcast by going to iTunes here.


Our workshop is a half day training seminar that cover these 4 areas: The Pastor’s Soul, Family, Ministry, Journey.  The final session is a Q and A with Brian and a panel of other pastors.   A practical shepherding workshop is typically hosted by a church where books are given away, questions are answered; difficult, yet common pastoral matters are discussed, and needed practical pastoral training is offered.  To see our workshop page, go here.

Pastoral Fellowships:

Brian leads with 3 other pastors a pastoral fellowship in Louisville, KY (The Pastoral Fellowship for Practical Theology) that has over 150 pastors involved who meet every 2 months for free books, free lunch, fellowship, teaching, and pastoral networking.  Brian has also been a catalyst to start other pastoral fellowships in other areas modeled after this group in Louisville.

Recommended Resources:

Brian carefully chooses and recommends other books and resources he feels would serve pastors in the different areas of a pastor’s ministry.  Some of those areas include:  the Pastor’s soul care, ministry, study, family, preaching, the local church, perseverance, and encouragement.  We seek to find resources that are firmly grounded in the gospel, but also serve a practical need.

Strategic Partnerships:

We also desire to partner with other ministries and organizations who share a similar vision to minister to needy pastors and local churches around the world.  Our gospel-centered practical resources work as helpful companions with many other ministries who are serving pastors. We believe we can do more and expand our reach by locking arms with those who desire pastors to be equipped and local churches to grow in health.


Help send free Practical Shepherding resources to pastors around the world.