“Practical Shepherding is a gospel-driven resource center
for pastors and church leaders equipping them in the essential, yet often overlooked, practical matters of pastoral ministry.”


90% of pastors say they have not received adequate training to meet the demands of ministry.


Why is Pastoral Shepherding so important?

  • Everyone needs shepherding – even successful CEO’s have “life coaches”
    • Shepherds often labor alone and without the proper care needed to persevere and thrive
    • Seminaries don’t prepare pastors for many of the practical challenges they face in ministry


How does Pastoral Shepherding assist Pastors?

• We provide a wide variety of tools, resources, training and counseling support for pastors and church leaders in over 100 countries.
• From individual face-to-face counseling to producing books, blog posts, podcasts, video cohort, and workshops we support & encourage pastors worldwide in multiple languages.


-Practical Shepherding by the Numbers-

Since 2009…
• Published 25 books (with 8 different publishers)
• Over 120,000 copies of our books in print around the world
• Translated books and other web resources into 10 different languages
• Over 1,000 pastors & church leaders trained in workshops focused on soul, family & ministry
• 200 pastors networked together for bi-monthly fellowship and resources
• 100 young at-risk pastors have been given one-on-one pastoral mentoring
• Global web presence serving 1,000’s of pastors in over 100 countries
• Provided training / counsel to underground church pastors in closed countries


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