Brian Croft’s blog really is becoming a must-read for pastors. Through his books and his blog, Brian Croft has become a pastor to pastors. Always practical and always biblical, he answers the tough questions, mentoring us from afar.

-Tim Challies

Brian Croft is quickly becoming a go-to resource for practical theology of the local church.

-Justin Taylor

Pastor Croft has led his church to develop an intentional approach to evaluating a man’s sense of call, an approach that is as effective as that of almost any church I know.

-Don Whitney

I am currently in Korhogo, Cote d’Ivoire teaching at a small Bible Institute which trains pastors for ministry. I am teaching a week long seminar focusing on the importance for the pastor to “watch his life.” Half of the students will be graduating on Saturday and going back to their sending churches to serve them as pastors. Particularly on the subject of marriage and family I am using your marriage seminar mp3’s and various blog posts on this subject in some of the material I am teaching. I sent them home today with the assignment to ask their wives what is one practical way they can make their wives feel loved by them. Thank you for your work that has been a help to me and I pray will also bless the pastors and the church here.

-Ian, Training pastors in Korhogo, Cote d’Ivoire

I wanted to thank you for your excellent website!  I will pass it on to pastors over here in Ireland.  They need the kind of practical wisdom you have laid out so well!

-Michael, Missionary in Ireland

Wanted to thank you for the material you post.  It is very helpful to those of us training for the ministry.  I’ve shared your page with a number of men here at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

-Jeff, Seminary Student

Just a personal thank you for your ministry to me personally.  Nearly every time I check your blog there is something relevant to me as a teaching elder at a small church.Keep up the good work.  You are a blessing to me.

-Steve, Teaching Elder, Milwaukie, Oregon

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and have certainly been appreciating it. The family book you’re writing intrigues me, both as I am a pastor with kids of my own, and because my Father is a pastor so I was raised as a Pastor’s kid!

-Jonny, Pastor in England

I was introduced to your blog earlier this year through a friend, andI now find myself checking your website several times a week.  I’m always excited to read something new (almost like anticipating a new TV episode!).I just want to thank you (and praise God!) for your blogs.  My ministry context doesn’t provide much mentorship, and so I’m pretty much on my own in terms of learning, growing, and maturing as a pastor.  I try disciplining myself in prayer, reading the Word, reading books, talking with other pastors, etc, but there’s still that gaping hole that can only be filled by a personal pastoral mentor.  I understand that my context cannot provide such a mentor, and I try my best knowing that God has placed me here for His purposes.But what a wonderful “mentor” your blog has been!There’s wisdom beyond my years and experience that I gladly glean from your blogs, and I greatly appreciate the variety of topics addressed in your blogs.  I’m very refreshed every time I come across a new blog, and I’mchallenged to think and rethink my pastoral and preaching abilities -learning to better shepherd and feed God’s people.So I just wanted to say a friendly “hello” and sincere “thank you.”

-Daniel Kim, Youth pastor at the Korean United Church of Philadelphia

I just wanted to take a chance and thank you for what you share.  It is a blessing.  I’m also going to link to your post from last week and give a shout out to your blog this week, because it is particularly helpful for guys like me!

-Brad, aspiring pastor

Thanks for today’s blog post. It is very helpful: clear, honest, Biblical. I have been reading your blog since last year when Tim Challies recommended it. Keep up the good work. Lots of us appreciate your ministry.

-Ben, pastor

I’ve been following your blog for several months now, and as a new pastor in the ministry I have found it very helpful.  I pastor a small church in New England and I’m plugging along – battling both the struggles of being fresh out of seminary and in ministry for the first time, and the struggles of the tough New England spiritual soil.  Anyway, I wanted to write primarily to say thanks for your contribution to the formation of my philosophy of ministry.  Thanks so much!

-Andy, pastor in New England



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