Soul Care for the Bi-Vocational Pastor

The alarm rings at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning. He fumbles down the stairs. Shower, coffee, Bible, prayer, and out the door to work. Today will be a long day. He starts his delivery route at 6:30 a.m., does the

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Pastors in Silence: A Lost Spiritual Discipline

By: Brian Croft I’ve spent most of my adult life hating silence—and didn’t know it. It was a major blind spot. I always dismissed my desire to be with people and avoid being alone as being an extrovert and loving

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How does food expose the activity in a pastor’s soul?

By: Brian Croft As a Southern Baptist Pastor, I try to attend the annual convention every year. It is important to be there, and I am able to see pastor friends I never see apart from this annual event. Besides,

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Did I Kill My Sending Church?

By Brad Walker This is a complicated question, one that can hardly be answered in a quick yes or no. Before I attempt to answer that and provide some lessons that we’ve learned, a little background. In the fall of

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