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How does a church minister to a coverted, sex offender?

I received many difficult questions at the workshop on Monday evening.  But, this one stuck out to me as especially difficult.  Here was the nature of the question from a pastor: How do I and our church minister to a

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How did the Practical Shepherding Workshop go?

I couldn’t be more pleased with how well the workshop went.  The hospitality from SBTS was wonderful and well done.  The PS staff did a great job.  Everything went smooth.  We had a good crowd including several walk-ins we were

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Where and when can I meet and talk with Brian Croft at T4G?

Just a note to say thank you for those of you who wrote me inviting me to a meal or coffee with you during the week of T4G.  I am torn as I would love to sit down with each

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What are 3 ways for a pastor to prepare his heart for a funeral?

Because there are so many elements to plan and logistics to prepare for, it is not uncommon for the pastor to have all his words prepared, service planned out, everyone in place, processional details checked off, and realize an essential

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