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Newest Podcast: Processing Pastoral Falls

Moral failures by pastors–whether they be financial failures, sexual failures, abuse of authority, or some other form of gross immorality–seem increasingly common. Is any pastor immune to moral failure? How is it possible for a pastor to live a double

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Meet our Director to the new Practical Shepherding Women’s Ministry

By: Cara Croft I seem to be in this same situation over and over again. I am sitting in a gathering of people who do not know each other well and there is a time of “introducing ourselves.” I am

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Why did I take July off to care for my own soul?

By: Brian Croft The end of this month marks the 3rd year in a row I have taken the month of July off from all my ministry responsibilities.  The reason?  Personal soul care and rest.  (Reason from 2 years ago)

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Our 7-book Practical Shepherding series is on sale for 50% off!!

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