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Why should a pastor listen to the criticisms of older members about his preaching?

In the tough, early years of my ministry, I thought I was the patient one. I was enduring through the criticisms, judgments, and actions to remove me. I was being the bigger, more faithful person. As the years have passed,

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2 Practical Shepherding Books for $5 on Kindle

  Oversee God’s People By: Brian Croft and Bryce Butler       Prepare Them To Shepherd By: Brian Croft (Foreword by Albert Mohler)        

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What is Practical Shepherding and how did it begin?

Watch this 2 minute video…  

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How does a pastor demonstrate courage?

Courage in pastors can take on many forms.  However, one of the most important ways pastors demonstrate courage is by simply being themselves.  Pastors are commonly pressured to have it all together, to have it all figured out, and therefore

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