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Who is writing the foreword for The Pastor’s Ministry?

Very excited about this book coming out next spring.  It is my pastoral theology in one book and will function as the foundation for all of our Practical Shepherding resources.  I just received the foreword for it today from H.B.

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Am I alone in my small declining church?

I know there are many discouraged pastors of small congregations out there who feel very alone.  But it is essential that you know there are many faithful brothers plugging away in the trenches just like you.  Here is one example. 

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How does a pastor raise up men for ministry?

I was interviewed by Dave Harvey about pastoral ministry on his excellent website Am I Called?  In part 2 of this interview, we discuss the importance of raising up men for pastoral ministry and how that practically is accomplished. Read

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What are 10 lessons I learned from the life and ministry of Andrew Fuller?

One of my goals for my sabbatical last year was to study the life and ministry of the 18th century English particular Baptist Pastor, Andrew Fuller.  Now that my time away has ended and feels so long ago, I thought I

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