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What are the 10 basic requirements for our church’s pastoral internship?

I have been asked recently what we do for our pastoral internship at our church.  So, just in case others of you are curious, I thought I would post them for you to  see.  Remember, our internship goes for 4

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Why should I contact and honor my ministry mentor this week?

It is helpful for pastors to look back and recall the impact of the people who personally invested in them, who spoke God’s word to them and taught them about ministry. I remember receiving a phone call early one cold

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What is a clever way to engage a spiritual conversation on Monday with a stranger?

All Christians should be looking for ways to engage in spiritual conversation with others with hopes to talk about the gospel.  Yet, many struggle to see when those doors are open or how to try and open them.  Here is

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Practical Shepherding Regional Workshops for 2015 – Register Now

Our first two regional “one day workshops” are set.  These workshops are for pastors, aspiring pastors, deacons, and other church leaders.  Pastors, bring your interns.  Here are the details.  Click on the link below to register.  You must register and

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