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GBP Church Revitalization Conference (Registration now open)

Brian Croft is a Plenary Speaker for this Revitalization Conference in England. Register HERE  

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The Message of the New Testament by Mark Dever (Kindle Sale $4.99)

This is Mark Dever at his best.  Mark preached one sermon for each book of the New Testament and published the manuscripts in this book.  I always start a new preaching series through a New Testament book by reading Mark’s

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When should a pastor stay at his church and and when should he leave?

What are the circumstances under which it is right to resign your church? Should hostility and adversaries prompt us to resign our churches? Is an attempt by the church to “fire” you as pastor sufficient reason to leave a church?

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When do I let my church die? (Video SBTS Event)

This was an event put on by The Mathena Center for Church Revitalization at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where Brian Croft leads a panel discussion with Brad Walker, Alan Witham (KBC), and Randall Cofield (LRBA) considering when to let

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