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New Podcast: Protecting children in the church with Rachael Denhollander

Child sexual abuse in evangelical churches is shockingly more common than many think. Sexual predators often view the church as a “safe” environment for finding, grooming, and abusing their victims. What steps might a pastor and church take to establish a culture of prevention and recognition of sexual abuse? What responsibilities do pastors have in the investigation of accusations of sexual abuse? How should pastors prepare themselves to minister well to sexual abuse victims? Do pastors and churches need a written policy for dealing with sexual abuse? How does the hope of the gospel speak to victims of sexual abuse? Listen as Brian and Jim interview Rachel Denhollander concerning these issues and more.

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When do I let my church die?

This is a FREE event!

Come join us for this important conversation led by Brian Croft.  Free lunch and a free book for the first 50 to register and come.  Heritage Hall at SBTS.

More details and register HERE 




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How does a pastor guard against scandal and abuse of funds in the church?

Church finances are too often the source of scandal. How does Scripture address the pastor’s responsibilities in relation to stewarding the finances of the church? What priorities should dictate financial expenditures? What safeguards should the pastor insist upon to guard against the abuse of finances? What level of financial disclosure is appropriate when handling church finances? Listen as Brian and Jim address these and other issues associated with faithful stewardship of church finances.


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