Podcast: Thinking Through Weddings


How does the pastor approach the cultural expectations of weddings from a biblical perspective? Should a pastor be active or passive concerning a couple’s expectations for their wedding?

In what cases should a wedding be regarded as a service of worship? What cultural elements are acceptable/unacceptable in a Christian wedding? Should a pastor conduct the wedding of two unbelievers? How long should a wedding sermon be?

What music/songs are appropriate for a wedding ceremony? Should a pastor require couples whom he marries to undergo pre-marital counseling? Must a pastor agree to perform any marriage ceremony without exception? Should a church include guidelines in their constitution to regulate how marriages are conducted? Listen as Brian and Jim discuss these issues and more in this episode.

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New Podcast Episode: Pastoring and Church Planting in Miami with Al Pino

Special guest Al Pino, Cuban-American pastor and church planter from South Florida, joins Brian in this episode. What is the church, and for what does the church exist?

How does a pastor with a heart for missions plant a church in a diverse place like bustling, hustling Miami? What must a pastor/church-planter understand about himself?

What role does pastoral gifting play in the work of church planting? Why do planting pastors have relatively short tenures in the churches they plant? What advice might an older church planter give to his younger self?

Listen as Brian and Al discuss these issues and more in this episode.

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Watch: Brian Croft SBTS Chapel Message, “Ministry Adversaries”

Here is the SBTS Chapel message that Brian Croft preached yesterday on “Ministry Adversaries.”  Click on the link below to watch:


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2019 SCBI Pastor’s Conference – this Monday with Brian Croft

Brian Croft will be the main speaker at the Indiana Baptist State Convention Pastor’s Conference this Monday, October 28, 2019 at Highland Lakes Baptist Camp near Indianapolis, IN.  This is a FREE event for all who attend.

This is not just for pastors, but all are welcome!

More details HERE



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