Newest Podcast: Church Planting vs. Church Revitalization

Biblically speaking, what should a church plant or church revitalization look like? What deficits might emerge in a church plant and a church revitalization respectively? How might pastors navigate such deficits? How might pastors prioritize and persevere in church plants and church revitalizations? What distinct advantages exist in church planting and church revitalization respectively? What kind of commitments are necessary for pastors in church planting and church revitalization?

Listen as Brian (revitalizer) and Jim (planter) have a spirited conversation as they address these issues and more in this podcast.

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What should congregational singing be focused on when the church gathers on Sunday?

One of the things I love most about our church is the simplicity of our music.  We still love to be creative and use different people’s musical gifts, but our main focus is on the truths we sing and the voices that sing them.  After 15 years of this focus, one of the blessings is a congregation that loves to sing and they sing out.

Here’s a rough recording of a hymn we sang yesterday.  As you listen, keep in mind there are only roughly 60-70 people singing with 4 musicians/singers leading.  You will hear why this church is one of my favorite places to sing with other saints on Sunday.  –Brian Croft


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Why is silence good and necessary for a pastor’s soul?

I’ve spent most of my adult life hating silence—and didn’t know it. It was a major blind spot. I always dismissed my desire to be with people and avoid being alone as being an extrovert and loving people. I excused my talkative nature to my heightened relational instincts. These qualities also seemed to help my interactions with people as a pastor, so I thought nothing more of it. It wasn’t until I began my own counseling journey out of a personal crisis where I was confronted with this long-held deception in my life.

My counselor observed some behavior in my life that went unnoticed by most, but became flags of concern for him. He saw that I ran from being alone. He realized I was uncomfortable in silence and didn’t know what to do with it. He experienced the way I often dominated conversations with my words. This also exposed my terrible listening skills, which he was wise and winsome enough to connect to my silence issues. So, he began to press me in this area and it was difficult. In fact, it led to an implosion of my soul and began the process of healing it desperately needed.

It was through this journey that I learned if my emotions are the gateway to my soul, then it is silence that exposes the soul. I was not ready to face the ugly things that got exposed. But God in his amazing grace met me in a sweet, powerful way and began a healing journey that has brought a consistent peace in my soul. It was through silence in a quiet place, meditating on truth, and prayerfully asking the Lord’s help that I experienced this deeper level of God’s grace and presence within my soul. It is the same place that every pastor must expose and reach with the power of God’s grace for us to experience his love deeply and, as a result, have a long ministry.

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KINDLE DEAL: Biblical Church Revitalization $2.99


Biblical Church Revitalization

By: Brian Croft

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