How should pastors and deacons work together?

Biblically, how should pastors and deacons relate to and work with one another?

What areas of overlap exist between these offices?

How do pastors and deacons communicate with one another and how often should they meet together?

How do pastors and deacons respect biblically appointed boundaries in their respective offices?

Should deacons have concern for the physical needs of the pastor and his family?

Do deacons need the pastors/elders’ approval of every decision they make?

Listen as Brian and Jim address these issues and more in this episode.

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Seven years later…remembering my dear friend and pastoral mentor

By: Brian Croft

Seven years ago today, my dear friend and pastoral mentor, Jackson Boyett and his wife, Barbara were hit by a drunk driver and killed just outside Austin, TX where they had lived and ministered at Dayspring Fellowship for almost 30 years. Jackson was one of the most faithful pastors I have ever known and his death was a devastating loss to me personally.


Those who were readers of the blog this time seven years ago, know that many of my posts functioned as a valuable tool of grief for me.

I shared about Jackson and why he was the pastor I said, “I wanted to grow up to be one day.” I shared about what I learned from him and why he was so uniquely faithful to this calling. I shared about the gift it was to have known such a man and the opportunity to emulate his example.  As I carry on in my ministry, I continue to feel this deep sense of loss and sadness.  He has never been replaced.  I feel that void even still.

In light of this seven year anniversary, it has been helpful to revisit several of these posts I wrote to honor Jackson and in doing so, honor the Savior he so faithfully served while here. I re-read them with the hopes to strive to be as faithful as he was. I have been freshly reminded of the sovereign God Jackson preached so tirelessly that continues to give me hope as I still feel this loss.


I have also shed fresh tears in the process.

I invite you to look at them again and may this man’s pastoral example move you to strive for the same. If you are reading these posts for the first time, be challenged to shepherd the flock like this man. Below you will find some of my most meaningful posts. Read, remember, and give thanks to God for the rare example of a real pastor.

In loving memory of my dear friend and pastoral mentor…

What final words does a pastor speak to his congregation?

How do you pray for the man appointed to preach the Sunday after his pastor suddenly dies?


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What is the office and role of a deacon?

What are deacons and how are they supposed to function in the life of the church?

What biblical characteristics should deacons evidence in their lives? What are the role-distinctions between the elders and deacons?

How should deacons interact with the leadership of the church? How should deacons serve the leadership of the church? How might a pastor correct dysfunction in the diaconate?

Listen as Brian and Jim address these issues and more in this episode.

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Book Recommendation: Finding Comfort in Sickness

Phillip Bennett Power (1822 – 1899) was a pastor in England in the 19th century.  At the age of 43 years old and in the prime of his life and ministry, his health took a terrible dive.  He spent the rest of his days as an invalid.  However, he is known for his effective writing during those years, this book being his most noted and celebrated work.  A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness originally published in 1846 is a masterful blend of Scripture and wisdom about God’s efforts to bring us comfort and sweet fellowship with him in our weakest and darkest days.  Maybe the most thoughtful book on the topic I have seen.

Banner of Truth has served us so well by reviving works long forgotten that apply just as much in the modern day.  This book is a wonderful representation of that.  Every pastor should read this as we seek to care for the sick in our congregations.  Every Christian who has ever suffered under the dark, mysterious providence of God, should read this also.  Power reminds us of the greatness of God and how who God is and his mercy to us in Christ is what gives us faith when life turns in painful, unpredictable ways.  In fact, Power helps us see layers of ways God uniquely comforts us as one of his beloved children in those days.

Buy this book on paperback HERE


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