What is Church Membership?


Why is membership important in the life of the church? What does Scripture say concerning church membership?

How is membership in the local church defined? What commitments are requisite to church membership?

What processes should a person be required to undergo before becoming a church member? How should a church address bloated membership rolls?

Listen as Brian and Jim address these issues and more in this episode.

Listen HERE


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Being a Pastor: A Conversation with Andrew Fuller – Now Available

Being a Pastor: A Conversation with Andrew Fuller by Michael Haykin and Brian Croft (with Ian Clary) is now available through Amazon.

The authors consider the pastoral theology of this great English Baptist Pastor through his 31 unpublished ordination sermons and bring modern day applications for pastors today.





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The Replanter’s Video Cohort 2020 (Apply Now)

The NAMB Replanter’s Cohort with Brian Croft of Practical Shepherding is offering an online live video cohort for pastors engaged in the replanting or revitalizing of a local church.

The Details:
● 1-hour live teaching and discussion.
● Thursday 4:00 pm EST/3:00 pm CST
● 40-weeks (spread over 1 calendar year).

The Focus:
● The Pastor’s Ministry in Revitalization
● The Pastor’s Family in Revitalization
● The Pastor’s Soul in Revitalization
● The Pastor’s Plan for Revitalization

The cohort is free for all pastors and church leaders who will participate. This will be powered by Zoom and starts January 9, 2020. However you must apply and be accepted into the cohort.

Apply HERE!


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Podcasts episodes on ministry difficulties

Every pastor faces ministry difficulties.  So often we have to know what truly causes the difficulties to know how to address them.

In light of our most recent book release, Jim Savastio has a conversation with our authors, Brian Croft and James Carroll about their new book, Facing Snarls and Scowls: Preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity in church revitalization.

In this conversation, they tackle the ways pastors face hostility, apathy, and adversity and how to deal with them in a way that helps the church, not harms it.

You can listen to these 2 episodes on the links below.


Ministry Difficulties – The Preacher (Listen HERE)

Ministry Difficulties – The Flock (Listen HERE)


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