What does it mean for a pastor to “Do the work of an evangelist?”

We were recently asked about Paul’s call upon pastors to, “Do the work of an evangelist?”  Since we couldn’t find many helpful resources that we felt complimented the primary pastoral call to be a shepherd, we set out to provide a few resources.

Here’s a podcast and an article that were recently released to address this important issue.  Read or listen below:

Podcast: The Pastor as Evangelist (Listen HERE)

Article: Doing the Work of an Evangelist (Read HERE)


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Should pastors receive gifts from church members?

What does Scripture say about pastors receiving gifts? Should pastors exercise caution in receiving such gifts?

What might be some issues a pastor should consider when a member offers him a gift? How should a pastor view such gifts?  What should be the posture of the pastor’s heart in receiving individual gifts?


Listen as Brian and Jim consider the implications and nuances of receiving gifts from individual church members.

Listen HERE


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When is Brian Croft doing 4 revitalization conferences in 4 days in 4 locations in Alabama?

You heard right!  August 12-15, Brian Croft will be traveling to Alabama and is doing 4 half day church revitalization conferences in 4 days in 4 different major cities in Alabama.  Additionally, each of these Practical Shepherding Revitalization Conference are sponsored by the Alabama Baptist State Convention and are FREE to all pastors.  However, you must register to reserve your spot.

Go to the ABSC Revitalization page HERE and click on the events link.


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How are pastors to do the work of an evangelist?

What role does the pastor play in the church’s work of evangelism? What does Scripture say about the pastor in relation to the work of evangelism?

How does pastoral evangelism relate to the church’s tendency toward apostasy? What does pastoral evangelism look like in the context of the local church and its surrounding community?

How might evangelism affect the preaching ministry of a pastor?  Listen as Brian and Jim address this oft-neglected aspect of pastoral ministry.

Listen HERE


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