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We have an amazing opportunity to publish our 2 core books, The Pastor’s Family and The Pastor’s Ministry into several different languages. We are receiving many requests for our books and resources in languages around the world.  It will cost $25,000 to complete all these books in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, which are our most requested languages.  If you would like to help us reach this goal this month, go to the link below and donate by the end of the year.  Thanks for your help!

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How do male pastors care well for women in their churches?

Unfortunately, this picture represents the effort that many male pastors make to care for women in their churches.  Out of caution, too often men overcompensate and leave ladies in the church feeling very relationally uncared for by men.  And yet, in our cultural milieu where accusations of sexual harassment headline each day’s news, pastors must exercise wisdom and discernment in relating to female church members.

How may pastors shepherd female members well in such a context? Do women in our congregation feel neglected in relation to pastoral care? What does Scripture have to say about how pastors should relate to women in their congregation? What role does the pastor’s wife play in determining how a pastor relates to his female congregants? How might a pastor relate to women in his church in a manner that is both properly guarded and biblically relational?

Listen as Brian Croft and Jim Savastio address these issues and more in this podcast.

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How do you prepare your child for adulthood?

Well, my son turned 18 years old yesterday.  Trying to process how that is possible!  Everyone says this goes fast and I am starting to believe them.  Samuel and I had lunch yesterday and spend most the day celebrating him and his life as a family.  As I reflected, I often thought back about conversations we had 5 years ago when he turned 13 years old as we looked to this day.  I took my son on a weekend trip when he turned 13 years old.  Here’s the post I wrote after that trip that describes some of what we did and talked about.  Many of those conversations were looking to this day, when he became an official adult.

Read that full post HERE   

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What are some of the blessings of a long pastorate?

We are very excited about this most recent contribution, The Blessings of a Long Pastorate by Pastor John Crotts who has pastored the same church for over 20 years.  Read this article and be encouraged to go, plant, and stay in one place for your life:

“How long should a pastor serve the same church? The Bible doesn’t answer that question. The average length of service for pastors in Protestant churches in America is down to about 4 years. For that to be a true average, think about how many pastors must serve far less than four years. There are plenty of situations and circumstances where a short-term ministry is completely legitimate, such as the Apostle Paul’s short ministries in various places in the Book of Acts.

Certain pastoral blessings happen best in shorter times. An interim pastor, for example, can be greatly used of the Lord to bring needed health and stability to a church during a difficult time of transition, saying important things that an outsider can express easier than an insider.  Although there are true blessings for pastors that serve four years or less, there are other blessings that really begin to accumulate after five years…”

To read the full article click HERE


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