Newest Podcast: Conversion, Baptism, and Membership of Children

Every parent and pastor’s desire is to see children converted from sin and rebellion to forgiveness and obedience to the gospel. At the same time, few topics are so theologically charged as the conversion, baptism, and membership of children. The stakes are no lower for the relational impact these issues have on a pastor’s ministry. Pastors would do well to think carefully and practically before facing the variety of issues that attend the relationship of children to the church.

So listen (twice!) as Brian Croft and Jim Savastio share their insights from decades of pastoral experience and Biblical thought. They will address questions like…

  • Are these concerns only for Baptist churches?
  • How do pastors think through the baptism of their own children?
  • How can pastors work with parents to discern the conversion of children?
  • What can a young person learn about following Jesus from joining a church at a young age?

Listen HERE

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The Pastor’s Justification By Jared Wilson (Highly Recommend)

Finally got around to reading The Pastor’s Justification by Jared Wilson and it was worth the wait.  I have always appreciated Jared’s writing ministry as he knows what it is like to be a pastor.  He is an engaging writer, but the power behind this book is he is able to write knowing the pitfalls and temptations that pastors uniquely face.  He has experienced them like all pastors and that is wonderfully captured in his writing of this book.

There are not many books that address the soul of the pastor, which is the most crucial area to address.  Every pastor for the good of his soul needs to read this book if you haven’t.  And if you have, re-read it.

Find it HERE

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Newest trench talk podcast episode: Lay Pastors

This episode features a conversation between a full-time, senior pastor and a part-time, associate pastor. Listen as Brian Croft and Josh Scherrer discuss:

  • How does a team of pastors work together?
  • How can staff pastors work together with lay pastors?
  • What are the advantages of having lay pastors?
  • What are the challenges that lay pastors face?
  • What should you look for in a lay pastor?
  • How do you appoint lay pastors?

Related Resources

What role should a pastor play within his church to identify and train future pastors?

How do you divide the work of the ministry between paid and unpaid pastors/elders?

How should a church label the different “pastors” within the church?

Listen HERE

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Brian Croft’s invitation to come to a SBTS Alumni Academy Event on Church Revitalization

We want to invite you to a Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Alumni Academy Event on August 3-4 on Church Revitalization.  Brian Croft will be one of the speakers and here is his personal invitation to you:

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