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Facing Snarls and Scowls: Preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity in church revitalization

By: Brian Croft and James Carroll (Foreword by Mark Clifton)

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Here’s a 3 minute interview of Brian Croft on this book:

Here’s the full interview:



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Practical Shepherding Articles in German

We are excited to have some of our Practical Shepherding articles translated into German.  Here are the first five articles.  More to come.

Please spread the word to any German pastors you know.  Just click on the article below to read the full article.


20 Lektionen aus 20 Jahren von Seelsorgedienst
von Brian Croft

Pastoren und die Stille: Eine verlorene Disziplin
von Brian Croft

Kirchenrevitalisierung: Ein biblischer Ansatz
von Brian Croft

Wie finde ich die richtige Gemeinde?

von Brian Croft (Gospel Coalition)

Das Evangelium auf Beerdigungen predigen

von Brian Croft (9 Marks)



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Mez McConnell interviews Brian Croft on the most recent 20 Schemes video podcast

Brian Croft sat down with Mez McConnell of 20 Schemes to have one of the most blunt, and pointed conversations Brian has had with anyone publicly about some really controversial issues.  In this one hour video podcast, Brian and Mez talk about all kinds of hot button issues from the state of the SBC, women in ministry, child abuse in the church, fallen pastors, to issues like who has the biggest head Mark Dever or Shrek, who wins an arm wrestling contest between John Piper and Tim Keller, and much more.

Our hope is that you will observe Brian and Mez modeled something very important as they discussed these controversial and divisive issues as Christian brothers.  That is, a gracious, informative conversation that models charity in disagreement on some tough, complex issues.

Watch here:



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How does a pastor care for the sick in the hospital and home?

Do those who are sick have a reasonable, biblical expectation that their pastor should visit them?

How can pastors take the initiative to faithfully minister to the sick in the hospital and the home?

Why do some pastors neglect this pastoral duty?

What are some consequences of pastors not visiting the sick?

What are some specific, practical things a pastor should do when visiting the sick? What and how should a pastor pray when visiting the sick?

Listen and Brian and Jim address this most vital aspect of faithful pastoral ministry on our most recent podcast.

Listen HERE



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