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Interview with Rachael Denhollander about pastors protecting children and advocating for victims

This week the Southern Baptist Convention was shook to its core with the 3 articles researched and released by the Houston Chronical revealing the epidemic of sexual abuse in SBC churches (700 victims) over the last 20 years. Article 1

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How does a pastor deal with a leader who commits arson, adultery, and attempted murder?

I would never have believed this story, but when a pastor friend of mine sat across the table from me and told me all about it, I couldn’t escape it.  He had sought my counsel about how to care for

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How can a pastor guard his heart from neglecting his family?

There is so much at work when a pastor neglects his family.  There are pressures and demands of ministry.  There are tensions in his relationship with his wife and children.  There are ambitions the pastor has that go unfulfilled.  Here are

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How does a pastor experience encouragement as he shepherds his people through their sinful struggles?

Several years ago now, I came home late one night having spent a few hours counseling a couple in our church whose husband had fallen into pornography.  My wife was waiting patiently for me knowing what I was doing.  She asked how

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