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How do you counsel a wife who has been harmed by her husband’s struggle with pornography?

Last week, I referred to 6 ways to counsel a husband who has harmed his wife with his pornography struggle.  What about the wife?  Although many are harmed by a husband’s struggle with pornography, no one is harmed more than his

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How do you counsel a husband who has revealed a struggle with pornography to his wife?

Every pastor already faces this. Unfortunately, I fear the problem will only become more common in the future; that is marriage counseling as a result of a husband’s struggle with pornogrpahy. The work to restore trust and intimacy within a

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What is the most helpful kind of wife for a pastor?

Regardless the temperament of a pastor and the type of church he serves, most of us would agree that every church will have a wide spectrum of affection for their pastor.  Every church to some degree has church members who

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How does a girl understand a guy’s struggle with pornography?

For those unfamiliar with my older brother Scott, it is time to be introduced.  Scott is my older and only brother.  He is a lawyer.  He practiced law in Washington DC while serving as the chairman of the elders at Capitol Hill Baptist Church

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