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Book Recommendations…for the pastor’s encouragement

Pastors always need encouragement.  One of God’s greatest gifts to my soul when I need encouragement are biographical and autobiographical works from and about pastors.  Here are several of these kinds of books that have been sources of providential encouragement

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Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry

Picked up this little gem at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary when I spoke at their conference a couple of months ago.  Encouragement for Today’s Pastors written by Joel Beeke and Terry Slachter would be a helpful guide for any pastor. 

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What is the purpose of The Pastor’s Family book?

I received an encouraging email last week from a young pastor who read The Pastor’s Family with his wife.  This brother’s kind words captures well what Cara and I hope this book will accomplish, so I thought I would share it with you as

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Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement

I am almost done with this amazing book, so I thought I would go ahead and let you know about it.  Iain Murray has an ability to tell a story like few can.  He has dug into the unknown to

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