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What are some books on preaching you recommend?

The Pastor’s Preaching Between Two Worlds (John Stott) Christ-centered Preaching (Brian Chapell) The Supremacy of God in Preaching (John Piper) Preaching and Preachers (Martyn Lloyd Jones) Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture (Graeme Goldsworthy) The Message of the Old

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What are some books a pastor can read to care for his own soul?

Here are some books I have found helpful to address the soul work every pastor needs to do if we are to last in the ministry for a long period of time.  In no particular order… The Pastor’s Soul Humility

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Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals on sale for $3!

Conduct Gospel Centered Funerals written by Brian Croft and Phil Newton is on sale for $3 on Kindle this week.  This is one of our best selling books and for good reason.  A pastor has about 2 days to get

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Brian Croft – Interviewed about shepherding dying churches.

Jeff Robinson from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary interviewed Brian Croft about his new book, Biblical Church Revitalization: Solutions for dying and divided churches, and the difficult work that is trying to revitalize a dying church. Read the full interview

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