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Practical Shepherding Series eBook sale (Just this week)

  The Pastor’s Family $3.99 on kindle here       Visit the Sick $2.99 on kindle here       Prepare Them To Shepherd $2.99 on kindle here       Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals $2.99 on kindle here  

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The Pastor’s Ministry…now available

Practical Shepherding has written all kinds of different books, but this book, The Pastor’s Ministry: Biblical Priorities for Faithful Shepherds is especially important. This book defines the core of this ministry in one book.  It is Brian Croft’s pastoral theology in one book.  The Pastor’s

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Mea Culpa: The story behind the book

I have known Kyle McClellan for over fifteen years.  I have watched him in each of his ministry posts and the struggles and sufferings he endured in them.  About two years ago, we were together reminiscing about those past days and I was

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What are the 10 basic requirements for our church’s pastoral internship?

I have been asked recently what we do for our pastoral internship at our church.  So, just in case others of you are curious, I thought I would post them for you to  see.  Remember, our internship goes for 4

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