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Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement

If you really want to learn about a topic, you want to learn from the best.  Arguably, Michael Haykin is the best when it comes to understanding the Puritans and Reformers and what we as Pastors can most benefit from them.  Haykin’s

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What are the top 10 books every pastor should read…and re-read?

Have you ever tried to pick a favorite hymn or Scripture passage when asked?  Impossible, isn’t it?  At least it is for me.  I had similar feelings when my pastoral interns asked me to pick my top books every pastor

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Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry

Pastors, looking for a very insightful, old-school explanation of soul care?  Check out this little gem:  Martin Bucer was a pastor in the 16th Century and wrote this book in the heart of his pastoral ministry.  He called it “This little

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What are some book recommendations for the pastor’s local church?

Pastors, looking for some books to think through leadership and life in your church?  Here are some of the books I most highly recommend and have shaped my biblical understanding of the local church: The Pastor’s Local Church What is

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