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Should a pastor use an iPad, iPhone, or printed copy of the Bible to minister Scripture to people?

It is safe to say the Reformers never had to tackle this question.  However, it is certainly one we face now and has important implications to the fruitfulness of a pastor’s ministry today.  As this question has forced its way

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What are the 2 painful anniversaries a widow faces each year?

A widow is a unique lady who, now that her husband is gone, not only has this once very special day (wedding day)transformed into a very painful day, but has also added another anniversary to her annual calendar—the anniversary of

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Can you give an example of your one month shepherding prayer guide?

Last week, I posted about a system on how to regularly shepherd everyone in your church, then followed that up with how to do so in a larger church.  At the request of many of you, you asked for an

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What are some ways to serve widows during the holidays?

As we all know, the holidays can be a time of joy for some and sadness for others.  A group in the church who almost always experience sorrow during this time of year are those who have lost their spouse. 

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