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How do you disciple a new Christian who cannot read or write?

A few years ago had the privilege of baptizing a new believer.  I quickly came to realize this was not going to be the typical discipleship scenario (as if there is one).  He is an elderly man who cannot see well

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What is an important reason a pastor should commit and stay in one church?

There is a couple in our church who just celebrated their sixty-first wedding anniversary.  They have faithfully served our church longer than I have been alive.  As I rejoice in this milestone with them, I am reminded of one more reason it is important

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How can a pastor teach children about the Reformation?

Many in America will celebrate Halloween this week.  What some of you may not know, is that Halloween is also Reformation Day.  We decided several years ago that we wanted to have a fun “Halloween alternative” for all the kids

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How much should a pastor’s ministry be evaluated by numbers?

There is an epidemic in the American Church.  It is an obsession with basing fruitfulness in ministry on a numbers game.   The American way is bigger and better and I am troubled that the church in many ways has bought into this method of

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