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What can I pray when praying for the sick in the hospital?

When all else fails…pray the gospel.  One morning, I was called by a nurse at a local hospital requesting my immediate presence.  The non-Christian spouse of one of our members was moments away from dying.  I had no idea what

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What is a most unique opportunity for a pastor to do evangelism?

I get asked often about how the pastor can better engage in evangelism.  After all, we can easily remain in our “bubble” as we shepherd the sheep.  The pastor must be arguably more deliberate than anyone to engage non-Christians throughout the week

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Heading to Zambia…ways to pray for us.

Jim Savastio and I would covet your prayers as we begin our journey to Zambia today.  Here are a few ways to pray for our time there: Pray for safe travel. Pray for our families and congregations we have left

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What is 20 Schemes?

A “Scheme” is Scotland’s version of the United States housing projects and it is where you will find many of the poorest communities in Scotland.  20 Schemes is a new church planting ministry just launched that is focused on planting

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