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How does a pastor deal with “Carnal Christians” in his church?

Scripture addresses those who belong to Christ, and those who do not. There are those who possess the Spirit of God, and those who do not. But, is there a 3rd category? Many, especially in certain circles in American Evangelicalism,

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What is a clever way to start a spiritual conversation on Monday?

All Christians should be looking for ways to engage in spiritual conversation with others with hopes to talk about the gospel.  Yet, many struggle to see when those doors are open or how to try and open them.  Here is

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How does a pastor determine whether he can/should conduct a wedding?

I am consistently asked about the circumstances surrounding weddings.  What makes it permissible or not to conduct a wedding in ”this or that” situation?  I am very aware that there are strong opinions and lively disagreements about whether an evangelical pastor should marry Christians,

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What are some helpful ways to celebrate July 4th in the church?

In my American Southern Baptist circles, it is common to do patriotic musicals in the place of the morning worship service.  I have concerns on several levels about doing this and for the first several years in my church, I received

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