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How do you prepare a sermon for a funeral?

The most helpful advice I ever received about preaching at a funeral for someone I didn’t know is: “Don’t preach them into heaven.  Don’t preach them into hell.  Just preach the gospel for the people who are there.”  This principle

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What should be the opening words of a funeral service?

Opening a funeral service can feel as awkward as those first words you speak to the family who has just lost their loved one. Yet, because of the attentiveness people give in those moments, we must seize the opportunity to

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What is the best funeral advice I have ever received?

I have done many funerals.  The overwhelming majority of them being of people I did not know.  This has many challenges, but the greatest of them may be how do you deal with the soul of that person you never knew?  In each of

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Brian Croft interviewed about funerals

Grace Baptist Partnerships in the UK interviewed me about funerals.  A good conversation about a needed topic.

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