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What is the best funeral advice I have ever received?

I have done many funerals.  The overwhelming majority of them being of people I did not know.  This has many challenges, but the greatest of them may be how do you deal with the soul of that person you never knew?  In each of

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Brian Croft interviewed about funerals

Grace Baptist Partnerships in the UK interviewed me about funerals.  A good conversation about a needed topic.

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What are 3 ways for a pastor to prepare his heart before conducting a funeral?

Because there are so many elements to plan and logistics to prepare for, it is not uncommon for the pastor to have all his words prepared, service planned out, everyone in place, processional details checked off, and realize an essential

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Our Trench Talk Podcast – Episode #1: Funerals

We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast!  Practical Shepherding Podcast is entitled, “Trench Talk” where we tackle  the issues pastors face and provide practical advice and wisdom for them.  Practical Shepherding exists to serve pastors who

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