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What are some ways an aspiring pastor can serve his wife before becoming a pastor?

Aspiring pastors are usually chomping at the bit to become pastors.  Rightly so.  Because of this, those aspiring to pastoral ministry often times dream to the future to one day serve in that capacity and miss some very significant ways he can serve his

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What is one of my greatest marriage mistakes as a pastor?

This is a hard post to write, but I am trusting the Lord will use it to strengthen the marriages of pastors.  This has been a tough year.  Some painful realizations about my own life and heart have given me

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Should a pastor involve his children in his pastoral work?

On a previous post, we talked about how a pastor helps his children appreciate his work, not resent it.  This post explained how a pastor should help his children see how important his work is to God.  As a follow-up

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How can a pastor teach children about the Reformation?

Many in America will celebrate Halloween this week.  What some of you may not know, is that Halloween is also Reformation Day.  We decided several years ago that we wanted to have a fun “Halloween alternative” for all the kids

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