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How does a pastor care for the sick in the hospital and home?

Do those who are sick have a reasonable, biblical expectation that their pastor should visit them? How can pastors take the initiative to faithfully minister to the sick in the hospital and the home? Why do some pastors neglect this

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Book Recommendation: Finding Comfort in Sickness

Phillip Bennett Power (1822 – 1899) was a pastor in England in the 19th century.  At the age of 43 years old and in the prime of his life and ministry, his health took a terrible dive.  He spent the

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How does a pastor deal with awkward silence with visiting folks?

This is a question that came to me by a young and introverted pastor who is struggling to know how to make conversation with elderly folks when he goes to visit them.  I wish more and more young pastors knew their weaknesses

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What are 10 tips when visiting new parents in the hospital?

  We have had many new babies born into our congregation in the last several years.  Pastors, seize every opportunity to go to the hospital on these occasions to see new born babies.  It is some of the only times you go

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