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What are some practical tips when visiting new parents in the hospital?

Heading this afternoon to visit the newest addition to our church and her proud parents.  Pastors, seize every opportunity to go to the hospital on these occasions to see new born babies.  It is some of the only times you go to

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How should a pastor approach visiting a church member in the hospital when he/she shares a room with someone?

Though a semi-private room is frequently seen as an inconvenience, we should recognize it as a great opportunity.  We must always be polite, respectful, and sensitive so that we do not disturb other patients when attempting to see those we

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Should pastors still anoint with oil when visiting and praying for the sick?

I wrote on this subject a few years ago and engaged in a helpful discussion.  You can see that previous post and those many comments here.  Yet, for a variety of reasons, I am thinking through this issue again and welcome

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How do you teach what a pastor is to a child?

I once was asked to address a classroom filled with 4-6 year old children and try to explain to them what a pastor is and does.  I accepted, not because I felt I could do this well (far from it),

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