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What was a faithful element of C.H. Spurgeon’s ministry largely overlooked?

Charles Spurgeon is celebrated as one of the most gifted, dedicated, brilliant, and impacting preachers and pastors in history.  This honorable distinction is given by most because of his piercing, articulate, Christ-centered, and Word-driven sermons that were heard and have

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How can a pastor use the public gathering to teach his church about caring for the sick?

I will admit, praying the never-ending prayer list when the church gathers can turn into a meaningless, painful mantra.  This is not what I am proposing.  I am encouraging you to pick a couple of significant afflictions in your church

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How do you deal with awkward silence when visiting folks?

This is a question that came to me by a young and introverted pastor who is struggling to know how to make conversation with elderly folks when he goes to visit them.  I wish more and more young pastors knew their weaknesses

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What are 5 reasons Christians do not visit the sick and dying?

One of the most important tasks in a pastor’s ministry is one of the most neglected:  Going to hospitals to care for the sick and dying.  It has practically become a lost art in the younger generations of pastors.  Why

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