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Interview with Rachael Denhollander about pastors protecting children and advocating for victims

This week the Southern Baptist Convention was shook to its core with the 3 articles researched and released by the Houston Chronical revealing the epidemic of sexual abuse in SBC churches (700 victims) over the last 20 years. Article 1

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How should a pastor give an account for individual souls?

How should a pastor take seriously the sobering task of shepherding the soul of every member of his congregation? What does exercising spiritual oversight of souls look like in the weekly rhythm of pastoral ministry? How does a minister prepare

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How should pastors and deacons work together?

Biblically, how should pastors and deacons relate to and work with one another? What areas of overlap exist between these offices? How do pastors and deacons communicate with one another and how often should they meet together? How do pastors

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Seven years later…remembering my dear friend and pastoral mentor

By: Brian Croft Seven years ago today, my dear friend and pastoral mentor, Jackson Boyett and his wife, Barbara were hit by a drunk driver and killed just outside Austin, TX where they had lived and ministered at Dayspring Fellowship

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