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Where is Brian Croft speaking in southeast Missouri this weekend?


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New Podcast: Protecting children in the church with Rachael Denhollander

Child sexual abuse in evangelical churches is shockingly more common than many think. Sexual predators often view the church as a “safe” environment for finding, grooming, and abusing their victims. What steps might a pastor and church take to establish

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How does a pastor guard against scandal and abuse of funds in the church?

Church finances are too often the source of scandal. How does Scripture address the pastor’s responsibilities in relation to stewarding the finances of the church? What priorities should dictate financial expenditures? What safeguards should the pastor insist upon to guard

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How should a pastor receive members from another church?

In receiving members from another church, to what biblical principles should the receiving pastor and church adhere? Given that many leave their former church upset or hurt, does the receiving pastor and church have a responsibility to help them resolve

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