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Practical Shepherding Articles in German

We are excited to have some of our Practical Shepherding articles translated into German.  Here are the first five articles.  More to come. Please spread the word to any German pastors you know.  Just click on the article below to

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Mez McConnell interviews Brian Croft on the most recent 20 Schemes video podcast

Brian Croft sat down with Mez McConnell of 20 Schemes to have one of the most blunt, and pointed conversations Brian has had with anyone publicly about some really controversial issues.  In this one hour video podcast, Brian and Mez

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What does it mean for a pastor to “Do the work of an evangelist?”

We were recently asked about Paul’s call upon pastors to, “Do the work of an evangelist?”  Since we couldn’t find many helpful resources that we felt complimented the primary pastoral call to be a shepherd, we set out to provide

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Should pastors receive gifts from church members?

What does Scripture say about pastors receiving gifts? Should pastors exercise caution in receiving such gifts? What might be some issues a pastor should consider when a member offers him a gift? How should a pastor view such gifts?  What

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