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Practical Shepherding Series $4 kindle deals!

    Pray for the Flock: Ministering God’s grace through intercession By Brian Croft and Ryan Fullerton (Foreword by Don Whitney) Kindle price $3.99           Comfort The Grieving: Ministering God’s grace in times of loss By

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What is the most common ministry priority neglected by pastors?

When I became a senior pastor, transitioning from an associate role at another church, my life and ministry suddenly became very busy—busier than they had ever been before. I knew, without a doubt, what I was called to do. I

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Gospel Conversations by Bob Kellemen (Foreword by Brian Croft) – Now Available

We are always looking for practical tools to help pastors care for their flocks.  Gospel Conversations: How To Care Like Christ by Bob Kellemen (Foreword by Brian Croft) is one of the most practical guides I have every seen on

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Why should Christians come together to hear God’s Word preached in person every week?

By: Brian Croft Modern technology provides many benefits. Information can be exchanged at an unprecedented rate. The level of productivity can be astounding. Face-to-face conversations can be had with people halfway around the world. But there are also dark sides

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