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What are some practical tips when considering a fast?

Fasting, when combined with the practice of prayer, is a powerful tool God uses to increase our desire for him and to focus our prayers for greater effectiveness.  A basic definition of fasting is… “the withholding of food for a

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How does a busy pastor plan his daily schedule?

By Brian Croft Everyone is busy. This is the reality of our modern culture. There is work that needs to be done, a family to care for, a house and car to maintain, friendships to cultivate, doctors to visit.   There

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How should a Christian mother pray with her unbelieving children?

So much of the daily grind of a mother goes unnoticed.  Children, especially when they are younger are very ungrateful and overlook so much of what mothers do and this can be a great discouragement for mothers.  This discouragement grows

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How do we care for souls through brokenness and suffering?

Here are the newest articles to be published on our website and they both revolve around an essential issue in the life of the pastor:  Brokenness and suffering.  It is amazing how much an awareness of our own suffering and

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