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How does a pastor shepherd his people when there is a lack of common interest with them?

A young pastor once wrote me with this excellent question.  He is still fairly new at his church and has gone to pastor a church in an area and culture that is pretty foreign to him.  One of the challenges this poses

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How do pastors incorporate Psalm singing in their worship services?

Well, like everything else new to the congregation…incorporate slowly.  We started a few years ago to try to include Psalms in our corporate gatherings and did so slowly.  Gradually.  We built up to what we experienced a year ago in our morning

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How does a pastor deal with “Carnal Christians” in his church?

Scripture addresses those who belong to Christ, and those who do not.  There are those who possess the Spirit of God, and those who do not.  But, is there a 3rd category?  Many, especially in certain circles in American Evangelicalism, would

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How does a pastor minister to a couple who just experienced a miscarriage?

A little over eleven years ago, my wife miscarried with our second child.  Ever since then, God in his kind providence has provided opportunity after opportunity for my wife and I to minister to other couples who have experienced this unique loss.  As

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