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What is the Reason Christians Should Selflessly and Humbly Serve Others?

Here is my sermon on Palm Sunday.  Preaching Philippians 2:5-11.  What is the Reason for Selfless, Humble Service?

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Sent by the Father: For Security (Incarnation sermon by Brian Croft)

Here is my incarnation sermon I preached from John 6.  Jesus was sent by the Father for our security:

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Why should Christians come together to hear God’s Word preached in person every week?

By: Brian Croft Modern technology provides many benefits. Information can be exchanged at an unprecedented rate. The level of productivity can be astounding. Face-to-face conversations can be had with people halfway around the world. But there are also dark sides

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What if I preach a bad sermon?

Every preacher has preached a bad sermon.  If you think you haven’t, then you probably have preached a bunch of bad sermons.  It will happen to all of us.  Sometimes it won’t just be bad, but a disaster!  When a

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