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Watch: Brian Croft SBTS Chapel Message, “Ministry Adversaries”

Here is the SBTS Chapel message that Brian Croft preached yesterday on “Ministry Adversaries.”  Click on the link below to watch:  

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2019 SCBI Pastor’s Conference – this Monday with Brian Croft

Brian Croft will be the main speaker at the Indiana Baptist State Convention Pastor’s Conference this Monday, October 28, 2019 at Highland Lakes Baptist Camp near Indianapolis, IN.  This is a FREE event for all who attend. This is not

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How does a pastor grow as a preacher?

Does a pastor ever “arrive” in his preaching ministry? Should a pastor always progress in his competency to preach? What are some practical ways a preacher can grow in preaching competency? How might a pastor evaluate his own preaching? How

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Podcasts episodes on ministry difficulties

Every pastor faces ministry difficulties.  So often we have to know what truly causes the difficulties to know how to address them. In light of our most recent book release, Jim Savastio has a conversation with our authors, Brian Croft

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