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Is there a way to hear the great Martyn Lloyd-Jones preach?

  Martyn Lloyd-Jones is arguably the greatest preacher in the last century.  There is now a way to hear this amazing preacher.  Through the Martyn Lloyd Jones Trust, we have access to thousands of his sermon, in both written and

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Brian Croft’s messages from the Sacramento Gospel Conference (May 2016)

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What are 5 lessons I learned preaching for years in a dying church?

Those who know me, know I advocate for a pastor to stay a minimum of 5 years.  There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is that it is hard to build trust with a church

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Why do I urge all pastors to preach expository sermons?

There are all kinds of different  sermons a preacher can preach:  Doctrinal, evangelistic, topical, and several other kinds of sermons that are not bad in themselves and have their place.  But that does not change my deep conviction that the

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