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Should a pastor engage in street preaching?

This is a good question and one every pastor should consider.  My dear friend, Jeremy Walker, has written two really helpful pieces on this topic of street preaching, specifically who should engage and how to do so.  I know of

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How important is projection when we preach?

A common conversation I find myself having with many of the men in our church testing their preaching gifts is the issue of projection in preaching.  Different men with different gifts have varying levels of intensity when preaching.  Intensity is

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Video and Audio Conference talks from PRTS and One8 now available

As many of you know, Brian Croft spoke at two different conferences last month.  The recordings of those talks are now available.  Just click on the link below to listen to a specific talk. The Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Conference (August

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What are 10 lessons I have learned from pastoring the same church for 10 years?

Yesterday, I celebrated ten years as Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church.  The entire weekend that was planned by our church was so encouraging and a wonderful time to reflect on all the Lord has done.  Although I have been

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