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What is Love according to 1 Corinthians 13?

As I am in the middle of preaching through 1 Corinthians, I am amazed at the depth of truth and insight I had not seen before.  This is a common result each time I preach through a book of the Bible.  I

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How do you teach a child, “What is a pastor?”

I once was asked to address a classroom filled with 4-6 year old children and try to explain to them what a pastor is and does.  I accepted, not because I felt I could do this well (far from it),

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How does a pastor address his unnecessary speech fillers in prayers and sermons?

Umm…Lord we just…you know…(lip smack)…Father God…uhh…and we just…Father God…(lipsmack)…umm…Lord we just…uhh…(deep breath)… you know… Father God…umm…you know…that we all have them.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and expressions, but we all have them.  Those who claimed to have never

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How does a pastor evaluate the Sunday worship services and train young men for the ministry at the same time?

I have found there is a helpful way to evaluate the worship services of a particular Lord’s Day and train young men for this aspect of pastoral ministry at the same time.  It is something we call, “Service Review.” What

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