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What if I preach a bad sermon?

Every preacher has preached a bad sermon.  If you think you haven’t, then you probably have preached a bunch of bad sermons.  It will happen to all of us.  Sometimes it won’t just be bad, but a disaster!  When a

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How should a pastor respond to an encouraging word said about his sermon?

“Great job…good sermon…that really spoke to me.” The list of phrases a pastor may hear as church members exit the church goes on. Inevitably, whether the sermon was good or not, these quick comments will be spoken to us with

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How much should a preacher rely on the thoughts of others when preparing a sermon?

All pastors are not tempted to preach someone else’s sermons, but most rely on the opinions, insights, and scholarly wisdom of others by way of commentaries, language tools, and theological writings.   Let’s face it: we live in a blessed day

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What produces a powerful sermon?

There are many correct answers to this question:  the power of the Word of God, the filling and movement of the Holy Spirit, the giftedness of the preacher, the eagerness of the people to hear, all could be mentioned when this question

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