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How should pastors and deacons work together?

Biblically, how should pastors and deacons relate to and work with one another? What areas of overlap exist between these offices? How do pastors and deacons communicate with one another and how often should they meet together? How do pastors

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How does a pastor’s heart stay warm to God’s word?

How does a pastor maintain a warm heart for the Word of God while ministering that Word week in and week out? What might help a pastor avoid becoming overly-familiar with the Word? How may a pastor guard against the

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Why is pastoral ministry such a risky pursuit?

Why is Practical Shepherding important?  Here’s one reason–these staggering stats.  These troubling numbers show the risk of those who set their hands to the plow of this noble, but costly work. • 70% constantly fight depression. • 50% feel so

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How can pastors face battles with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide?

Do we have evidence in Scripture that men of God suffered through seasons of depression, and even anxiety? Do grief and sorrow have a valid, spiritual place in the life of pastors? What happens when pastors try to suppress pain

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