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What is the new video cohort for pastors?

Practical Shepherding in partnership with the North American Mission Board is offering an online live video cohort for pastors engaged in the replanting or revitalizing of a local church. The Details: ● 1-hour live teaching and discussion. ● Thursday 2pm

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What happens when God suddenly sets a pastor aside from preaching?

Pastor and Practical Shepherding President, Jim Savastio has preached God’s word faithfully for 35 years taking only a few weeks off at a time.  That all changed 3 months ago.  Jim unexpectedly experienced an onset of Bell’s Palsy in late

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Life and Ministry with Conrad Mbewe (New Podcast Episode)

In this episode, special guest Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia discusses his conversion, calling, formative influences, and ministry with Brian and Jim.  Conrad Mbewe has been referred to as “The African Spurgeon” because of his

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How should a pastor give an account for individual souls?

How should a pastor take seriously the sobering task of shepherding the soul of every member of his congregation? What does exercising spiritual oversight of souls look like in the weekly rhythm of pastoral ministry? How does a minister prepare

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