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Do pastors of small churches matter?


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What should the pastor’s salary actually be?

Discussion of the pastor’s salary is often an uncomfortable conversation for both the pastor and the church. How might both parties enter into frank, humble, God-honoring dialogue on this issue? What does Scripture say concerning the pastor’s salary? What should

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How does a pastor demonstrate courage?

Courage in pastors can take on many forms.  However, one of the most important ways pastors demonstrate courage is by simply being themselves.  Pastors are commonly pressured to have it all together, to have it all figured out, and therefore

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Where is Brian Croft speaking next week in California?

Next week, Brian Croft will be one of the main plenary speakers for the Exalted Christ Conference in Vallejo, CA.  Brian’s wife, Cara will also be there teaching a break out session.  They hope to see you there! Details and

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