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Is going to pastor in a small rural town worth it?

This is an excellent story about what it means to be a pastor in a small rural town.  A noble work that needs faithful men:

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What is a biblical approach to church revitalization? (New Article)

By Brian Croft The numbers are staggering. Experts estimate that approximately 1,000 local churches close their doors every year. What is even more disheartening about this statistic is that number only reflects Southern Baptist Churches—my denomination.  Imagine how that number

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It’s Pastor Appreciation Month! How do I encourage my pastor?

Based on the emails, notes, and phone calls I continue to get, trust me…your pastor needs encouragement.  He needs to know that what he does week in and week out means something to God as well as those for whom he

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What are the most common struggles of a regular pastor?

As I work with pastor all around the world, I am struck by two things:  How much pastors are struggling with discouragement and how many think they are alone in their struggle.  Last week, I received an email from a

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