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New Podcast: The Pastor’s Schedule

What is unique about the pastor’s schedule? What scriptural mandates influence how we steward our time? What priorities influence the way a pastor schedules his time? How do unforeseen circumstances influence a pastor’s schedule? How might a pastor schedule his

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How does food expose the activity in a pastor’s soul?

As a Southern Baptist Pastor, I try to attend the annual convention every year. It is important to be there, and I am able to see pastor friends I never see apart from this annual event. Besides, the Southern Baptist

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Did I Kill My Sending Church?

By Brad Walker This is a complicated question, one that can hardly be answered in a quick yes or no. Before I attempt to answer that and provide some lessons that we’ve learned, a little background. In the fall of

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What are some of the blessings of a long pastorate?

We are very excited about this most recent contribution, The Blessings of a Long Pastorate by Pastor John Crotts who has pastored the same church for over 20 years.  Read this article and be encouraged to go, plant, and stay

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