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Mea Culpa: The story behind the book

I have known Kyle McClellan for over fifteen years.  I have watched him in each of his ministry posts and the struggles and sufferings he endured in them.  About two years ago, we were together reminiscing about those past days and I was

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Should I pastor a church that has no young women and children for my family?

A man wrote me recently struggling through a call to a particular church.  It is a church that is financially stable for now, but needs revitalization that only has a few faithful elderly folks.  This is a very common scenario.  He was

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How do we care for souls through brokenness and suffering?

Here are the newest articles to be published on our website and they both revolve around an essential issue in the life of the pastor:  Brokenness and suffering.  It is amazing how much an awareness of our own suffering and

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Why should I contact and honor my ministry mentor this week?

It is helpful for pastors to look back and recall the impact of the people who personally invested in them, who spoke God’s word to them and taught them about ministry. I remember receiving a phone call early one cold

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