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When is the next Practical Shepherding Workshop?

Come join us Saturday, February 10, 2018 at First Baptist Church of Shelburn in Shelburn, IN for our next Workshop!      

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What are 5 largely overlooked, but essential qualities needed in every pastor?

As I talked with a young pastor yesterday, I found myself sharing the practical qualities that every pastor needs to get him through the daily grind of ministry.  Of course, much could be said.  But I keep coming back to

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Will the audio of Brian Croft’s talks at the Exalted Christ Conference be available?

Here are the talks that Brian Croft did at this conference.  Click on the link to listen: The Pastor’s Soul – Listen HERE The Pastor’s Ministry – Listen HERE The Pastor’s Family – Listen HERE  

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What are 5 reasons you want a declining church?

If there is something all pastors and churches will agree on it is nobody wants their church to decline.  Nobody.  The SBC’s primary way of measuring the condition of local churches is by this rubric: Growing. Plateau. Decline.  The declining

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