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How do you raise up elders and deacons when there are none?

Brian Croft answered this question at the 9 marks conference on Church Revitalization.  Watch here:

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Latest Podcast: Guest Preaching and Weekly Preaching

You might not be asked to preach in Middle Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand) like Jim Savastio, but many preachers will serve as a guest preacher at some point in their ministry. No matter how often you preach as a guest, there

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Practical Shepherding Workshop in Alfred Station, NY (Wednesday, April 26)

Our next Practical Shepherding Workshop is on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 in Alfred Station, NY.  The cost is only $5!  You just need to call the church and let them know you are coming.  All are welcome.  Brian Croft will

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Practical Shepherding now in Portuguese!

Exciting News!  Practical Shepherding now has articles and blog posts translated into Portuguese. Visit our Portuguese page HERE Spread the Word!    

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