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What are some ways an aspiring pastor can serve his wife before becoming a pastor?

Aspiring pastors are usually chomping at the bit to become pastors.  Rightly so.  Because of this, those aspiring to pastoral ministry often times dream to the future to one day serve in that capacity and miss some very significant ways he can serve his

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Watch CBTS webcast where Brian Croft talked with 3 other pastors about aspects of pastoral ministry.

Here is the webcast Brian Croft was involved in through Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary (Originally Midwest Center for Theological Studies).  If you watch, Brian had technical difficulties for about 5 minutes and came back into the discussion. To Watch:  Click here   

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Pastoral Ministry webcast discussion…this Thursday evening hosted by MCTS!

I will be involved in a discussion on practical matters of pastoral ministry this Thursday at 8:30 pm est. on a free webcast hosted by the Midwest Center for Theological Studies.  It is free, but you need to register to

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What aspects of a pastor’s weekly routine should remain consistent?

I am not sure what a “normal” week looks like for a pastor.  We are often pulled in the direction of the greatest needs of the moment and regularly deviate from the original plan.  There are, however, some aspects of my week of

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