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Why is training young men to pastor normal sized churches such an important work?

Thanks to Mark Clifton from NAMB for this graphic and info…  

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New Podcast: The Pastor’s Schedule

What is unique about the pastor’s schedule? What scriptural mandates influence how we steward our time? What priorities influence the way a pastor schedules his time? How do unforeseen circumstances influence a pastor’s schedule? How might a pastor schedule his

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How does a pastor guard against scandal and abuse of funds in the church?

Church finances are too often the source of scandal. How does Scripture address the pastor’s responsibilities in relation to stewarding the finances of the church? What priorities should dictate financial expenditures? What safeguards should the pastor insist upon to guard

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When is the next Practical Shepherding Workshop?

Come join us Saturday, February 10, 2018 at First Baptist Church of Shelburn in Shelburn, IN for our next Workshop!      

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