Thinking Through Weddings

How does the pastor approach the cultural expectations of weddings from a biblical perspective? Should a pastor be active or passive concerning a couple’s expectations for their wedding? In what cases should a wedding be regarded as a service of

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Pastoral Advice to Our Younger Selves

As pastors mature in ministry, how is it profitable to reflect on what advice they might give to their younger selves? What Scriptural warrant might a pastor have for such reflection? Does being in pastoral ministry increase one’s personal sanctification?

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Silence and Solitude

Are you a people-person type pastor who derives energy from connecting with and interacting with people? Why does silence make some pastors uneasy? Is the practice of silence and solitude a necessary discipline for pastors? How to noise and business

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Pastoring and Church Planting with Al Pino

Special guest Al Pino, Cuban-American pastor and church planter from South Florida, joins Brian in this episode. What is the church, and for what does the church exist? How does a pastor with a heart for missions plant a church

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