Pastors Feeding on the Word

How does a pastor maintain a warm heart for the Word of God while ministering that Word week in and week out? What might help a pastor avoid becoming overly-familiar with the Word? How may a pastor guard against the

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Pastoral Priorities in the Early Years

What are the priorities of a pastor in the early years of ministry? How does a beginning pastor lay a God-honoring foundation for his ministry? What is the one thing such a pastor must do first and above all else?

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Pastoral Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide

Do we have evidence in Scripture that men of God suffered through seasons of depression, and even anxiety? Do grief and sorrow have a valid, spiritual place in the life of pastors? What happens when pastors try to suppress pain

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Pastor Caring for His Physical Body

What does it mean for a pastor to “take heed” to his physical wellbeing? Is there any spiritual value in stewarding our physical bodies well? How might a pastor balance and practice well the three disciplines of eating, exercise, and

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