The Pastor As Evangelist

What role does the pastor play in the church’s work of evangelism? What does Scripture say about the pastor in relation to the work of evangelism? How does pastoral evangelism relate to the church’s tendency toward apostasy? What does pastoral

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The Deadliest Pastoral Sin

What is that sin which can slowly, almost imperceptibly, permeate a pastor’s entire life and ministry? What is that sin that can, if left unconfronted, silently poison your soul and drive you from the field of faithful pastoral ministry? How

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Dealing with Criticism

Every pastor either has or will soon be criticized. What is God doing when people criticize him? How do we determine whether criticism is a mountain or a mole hill? What are some common criticism one occasions in pastoral ministry?

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The Story of Practical Shepherding (Part 2 of 2)

This month Practical Shepherding is celebrating 10 years of God’s blessing and providence. Listen as Brian Croft and Jim Savastio reflect on God’s guiding hand in the formation and growth of this ministry. RESOURCES:  Practical Shepherding Series Complete Set THE

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