Caring for Widows and Widowers

Caring for widows and widowers is an area of pastoral ministry that is often neglected. How should we define widowhood? Why is this ministry necessary? What are some needs that are common with widows and widowers? How should pastors lead

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Caring for the Sick in the Hospital and Home

Do those who are sick have a reasonable, biblical expectation that their pastor should visit them? How can pastors take the initiative to faithfully minister to the sick in the hospital and the home? Why do some pastors neglect this

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Should Pastors Receive Gifts from Church Members?

What does Scripture say about pastors receiving gifts? Should pastors exercise caution in receiving such gifts? What might be some issues a pastor should consider when a member offers him a gift? How should a pastor view such gifts? What

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The Pastor As Evangelist

What role does the pastor play in the church’s work of evangelism? What does Scripture say about the pastor in relation to the work of evangelism? How does pastoral evangelism relate to the church’s tendency toward apostasy? What does pastoral

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