How to Pray for the Flock

Many pastors identify faithful prayer for their flock as an area of failure in their ministries. How does a pastor pray faithfully and consistently for every member of his congregation? How might a pastor create a systematic prayer-guide? What should

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How Much Should a Pastor Tell His Wife?

Pastors’ wives bear a unique burden. To what extent should the pastor share the burdens of pastoral ministry with his spouse? What is the distinction between the pastor protecting his wife and the pastor shutting his wife out in relation

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The Pastor’s Salary

Discussion of the pastor’s salary is often an uncomfortable conversation for both the pastor and the church. How might both parties enter into frank, humble, God-honoring dialogue on this issue? What does Scripture say concerning the pastor’s salary? What should

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Bi-Vocational Pastor

The number of churches requiring a bi-vocational pastor is trending upward, and bi-vo ministry is a demanding task. While many—if not most—bi-vo pastors would prefer full-time ministry, how might those called to such a duty find contentment in their calling?

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