Finding Joy in Small Churches

How does a pastor press on and not grow weary in well-doing when there is little visible fruit resulting from his ministry? Is it possible to pastor well in a church that does not experience significant growth? In such circumstances,

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Processing Pastoral Falls

Moral failures by pastors–whether they be financial failures, sexual failures, abuse of authority, or some other form of gross immorality–seem increasingly common. Is any pastor immune to moral failure? How is it possible for a pastor to live a double

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The Pastor as a Churchman

An oft-overlooked reality in pastoral ministry is that the pastor is a churchman first, and then a pastor. Pastors need those who can minister and speak God’s word into their lives and hold them accountable. In a word, pastors need

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When Pastors Need Help to Help Others

As a pastor, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to help some of your people? Given the brokenness, struggles, and sins of people living in a fallen world, how does a pastor who finds himself in over his head

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