Receiving Members From Another Church

In receiving members from another church, to what biblical principles should the receiving pastor and church adhere? Given that many leave their former church upset or hurt, does the receiving pastor and church have a responsibility to help them resolve

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Safety and Security

In light of the Sutherland Springs Texas church shooting, the question of safety and security at churches is front and center in the minds of conscientious pastors. What theological issues should inform our views on safety and security? Is it

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Caring for Women

In our cultural milieu where accusations of sexual harassment headline each day’s news, pastors must exercise wisdom and discernment in relating to female church members. How may pastors shepherd female members well in such a context? Do women in our

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How to Pray for the Flock

Many pastors identify faithful prayer for their flock as an area of failure in their ministries. How does a pastor pray faithfully and consistently for every member of his congregation? How might a pastor create a systematic prayer-guide? What should

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