Caring for the Sick in the Hospital and Home

Do those who are sick have a reasonable, biblical expectation that their pastor should visit them? How can pastors take the initiative to faithfully minister to the sick in the hospital and the home? Why do some pastors neglect this pastoral duty? What are some consequences of pastors not visiting the sick? What are some specific, practical things a pastor should do when visiting the sick? What and how should a pastor pray when visiting the sick?

Listen and Brian and Jim address this most vital aspect of faithful pastoral ministry.


Visit the Sick

What are some reasons we should enjoy visiting the sick?

What can I pray when praying for the sick in the hospital?

Should pastors still anoint with oil when visiting and praying for the sick?

When all else fails, what can I pray during a hospital visit?

What are 5 reasons Christians do not visit the sick and dying?

The Pastor’s Ministry

Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals

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