Caring for Widows and Widowers

Caring for widows and widowers is an area of pastoral ministry that is often neglected. How should we define widowhood? Why is this ministry necessary? What are some needs that are common with widows and widowers? How should pastors lead their churches care for widows and widowers? What are some practical ways pastors and churches can minister to widows and widowers?

Listen as Brian and Jim address the particulars of faithful ministry to widows and widowers.


Caring for Widows

The Pastor’s Ministry

What are some ways to serve widows during the holidays?

What is a pastor’s greatest asset in caring for elderly widows?

How do you train stay at home moms to minister to elderly widows?

How does a pastor shepherd widows and widowers who desire cohabitation?

How can we care for widows and singles in our church on Thanksgiving?



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