Church Planting vs. Church Revitalization

Biblically speaking, what should a church plant or church revitalization look like? What deficits might emerge in a church plant and a church revitalization respectively? How might pastors navigate such deficits? How might pastors prioritize and persevere in church plants and church revitalizations? What distinct advantages exist in church planting and church revitalization respectively? What kind of commitments are necessary for pastors in church planting and church revitalization? Listen as Brian and Jim address these issues and more in this podcast.


Church Revitalization: A Biblical Approach (Article)

What is Church Revitalization?

Five Unexpected Lessons in Church Revitalization

How does Paul tell Titus to revitalize a church?

Biblical Church Revitalization: Solutions for Dying & Divided Churches

Did I Kill My Sending Church?


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