Difficulties in Ministry–The Preacher

Pastor, the hard work of church revitalization is a unique experience and battle ground. It can feel like you’re all alone. But the trials you face are not new. Faithful preachers throughout scriptures and church history have encountered hostility, apathy, and adversity, and continue to do so today. In this episode, Brian Croft, James Carroll and Jim Savastio discuss the intricacies of preaching in difficult environs.


Facing Snarls and Scowls: Preaching through Hostility, Apathy and Adversity

Collateral Damage: My Journey to Healing from My Pastor and Father’s Failure

What are 5 lessons I learned preaching for years in a dying church?

How does a pastor fight through the “Preaching Hangover.”

How does a pastor evaluate his sermon one hour after preaching it?


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