Introducing Your Church to Church Discipline

Every pastor must think through the difficult topic of church discipline. What does Scripture say about the responsibility of the church to confront sin in its membership? Why is church discipline important in the life of the church? Who are the beneficiaries when church discipline is done well? How might a pastor introduce church discipline to a church that has never practiced church discipline? How might a pastor approach this issue slowly and deliberately so as to avoid shocking the church? Listen as Brian and Jim discuss these issue and more on this episode.


The Pastor’s Ministry: Biblical Priorities for Faithful Shepherds

The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love: Reintroducing the Doctrines of Church Membership and Discipline

Church Discipline: How the Church Protects the Name of Jesus

Handbook of Church Discipline: A Right and Privilege of Every Church Member

Why should local churches practice church discipline?

Understanding Church Discipline



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