Lay Pastors

This episode features a conversation between a full-time, senior pastor and a part-time, associate pastor. Listen as Brian Croft and Josh Scherrer discuss:

  • How does a team of pastors work together?
  • How can staff pastors work together with lay pastors?
  • What are the advantages of having lay pastors?
  • What are the challenges that lay pastors face?
  • What should you look for in a lay pastor?
  • How do you appoint lay pastors?

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2 comments on “Lay Pastors
  1. John Edwards says:

    I also feel a concern for those lay pastors who are taken advantage of by senior pastors who simply want things for free. I do understand the blessing of lay ministers but also guard against being abused and beat down in ministry to the point of being burned out. Also some pastors simply need to learn to delegate and let go. That is another topic for another time. Great message and thanks for your leadership!

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