Pastor Caring for His Physical Body

What does it mean for a pastor to “take heed” to his physical wellbeing? Is there any spiritual value in stewarding our physical bodies well? How might a pastor balance and practice well the three disciplines of eating, exercise, and sleep? Listen as Brian and Jim address these and other questions from a biblical perspective.


   THE PASTOR’S SOUL: The Call and Care of an Undershepherd

How does food expose the activity in a pastor’s soul?

How is sleep good for the pastor’s soul?

Why did I take July off to care for my own soul?

Soul Care for the Bi-Vocational Pastor

What aspects of a pastor’s weekly routine should remain consistent?

Pastors in Silence: A Lost Spiritual Discipline



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One comment on “Pastor Caring for His Physical Body
  1. Kerry Collins says:

    Outstanding podcast. I am a COG Bishop and Pastor 21 yrs. I shared this with a group of COG leaders and pastors. Keep up the great work.


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