Pastoral Friendships

In this episode, Brian Croft sits down with his close friend and fellow pastor Rob Gibson to discuss the importance of friendships to a pastor’s life. Over the last three years, Brian and Rob have forged a deep connection that aids their walk before the Lord and their labor as pastors.

They also discuss the practicalities of how they maintain their friendship in the midst of the gritty pastoral lifestyle. In this conversation, pastors can glean:

  • What is at stake when a pastor doesn’t have a close friend?
  • How can pastors form close friendships?
  • Who is well-positioned to care for a pastor’s soul?
  • What does a healthy pastoral friendship look like?

“These are the meaningful relationships men need to be the men we are called to be.”  – Brian Croft

“We are men who are covered in the blood of Jesus, so we don’t come to one another with judgment.”  – Rob Gibson


Resources related to this episode:

Christ Church in Goshen, KY – where Rob Gibson serves as pastor.

Safe and Broken Pastors – Rob Gibson shows how the gospel provides safe relationships for broken sinners.

The pastoral struggle with loneliness – a letter from a lonely pastor.

In loving memory of my dear friend and pastoral mentor – Brian’s blog about losing his close friend Jackson Boyett.

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One comment on “Pastoral Friendships
  1. Jeffrey says:

    This was really beneficial to my soul. Struggling with loneliness in my ministry. This has shown me my need to really reach out more to find a friend in ministry who will walk with me and want to walk with me. The friendships I have pursued in the past three years have ended up with me being the one pursuing others and not a joint effort. I have found in my experience that other pastors don’t really want to make the time or don’t take the time for solid friendships.

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