Pastoral Priorities in the Early Years

What are the priorities of a pastor in the early years of ministry? How does a beginning pastor lay a God-honoring foundation for his ministry? What is the one thing such a pastor must do first and above all else? What commitments does the pastor make in relation to the flock? What should a pastor do in a situation where a church is significantly disconnected from its biblical priorities? How quickly can a pastor reasonably expect to make significant changes in the structure of a church? What kind of preaching is effective in the early years of ministry? On what categories should a pastor focus to avoid becoming a statistical casualty in pastoral ministry? Listen as Brian and Jim address these questions and more in this episode.


 THE PASTOR’S SOUL: The Call and Care of an Undershepherd 

The Pastor’s Ministry

How does a pastor feed his flock a balanced diet in preaching?

What should be the main priorities for the pastor to shepherd the flock?

The Pastor’s First Year


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