Processing Pastoral Falls

Moral failures by pastors–whether they be financial failures, sexual failures, abuse of authority, or some other form of gross immorality–seem increasingly common. Is any pastor immune to moral failure? How is it possible for a pastor to live a double life? How might a pastor guard himself against moral failure? What areas of pastoral life warrant special care? How might a pastor strike a reasonable balance between due caution and complete paralysis? How do we respond to those pastors who do fall into moral failure? Listen as Brian and Jim address these issues and more in this episode.


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How does a man not lose his soul in the work of pastoral ministry?

How does a pastor use wisdom to shepherd women in his church?

What are 5 areas in which a pastor should be growing each year?

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3 comments on “Processing Pastoral Falls
  1. Anonymous says:

    As one of fallen, who has experienced the profound shame and and bitter disappointment of self I appreciate this segment. I do think that the church needs a bit of self examination in regard to restoration. For the repentant leader, it is often a road of permanent rejection and alienation. IN fact many of the fallen have learned so many things about themselves and of the comfort of God in times of greatest darkness. I have never fallen into sin. We do not fall, we step into it and are accountable for it. However, there are great lessons to those of us who have been there. While I deeply mourn for the harm I have caused through the betrayal of my calling. I am ever more grateful for our God of Grace who has held me in His hand and brought be back from what could have been a very grizzly and sad ending. He is able to make to vilest sinner clean. Thank you for your segment.

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