Service Leading

Service leading takes more than public speaking skills. Leading a worship service calls for Biblical reflection and care for God’s people. Whether you are a pastor or a lay-leader in your church, you will find help for leading the church in public worship gatherings. In this episode, pastors Brian Croft and Jason Adkins give practical advice for leading a worship service, answering questions such as:

  • How do you prepare to lead a service?
  • Should you write out your public prayers ahead of time or pray spontaneously?
  • How long should you pray?
  • What does a good Scripture reading sound like?
  • How do you learn projection and pace?


Resources discussed in this episode:

Gather God’s People – Brian Croft and Jason Adkins

Service Leader Communication – this is an example of an order of service that is sent to the service leaders mid-week to help them prepare to lead the service on Sunday.

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