Silence and Solitude

Are you a people-person type pastor who derives energy from connecting with and interacting with people? Why does silence make some pastors uneasy? Is the practice of silence and solitude a necessary discipline for pastors? How to noise and business affect the activity of our souls? How might a pastor practice the discipline of silence and solitude? Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to silence and solitude, or might there be various means of practicing these disciplines? What issues might a pastor wrestle with during times of silence and solitude? What might seasons of silence and solitude reveal about a pastor’s soul? Listen as Brian Croft and Al Pino discuss these issues and more on this episode.


The Pastor’s Soul: The Call and Care of an Undershepherd

Pastors in Silence: A Lost Spiritual Discipline

Why did I take July off to care for my own soul?

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