Book Reviews

These are book reviews written by Brian Croft and other pastors involved in this ministry.  Some of these books reviewed we recommend, some we will not.  These reviews are meant to inform pastors and church leaders about books revolving around a pastor’s ministry, both old and new, we feel are important.

  • Brian Croft: Loving the Church. by John Crotts  (9 Marks)  Read review here
  • Brian Croft: The Pastor. by Eugene Peterson (The Gospel Coalition) Read review here.
  • Brian Croft: The U-Turn Church. by Kevin Harney and Bob Bouwer. (9 Marks) Read review here.
  • Jeremy Walker: Lectures to my Students. by Charles Spurgeon.  (Reformation 21)  Read review here.
  • Jeremy Walker:  Peter: Eyewitness of his Majesty. By Edward Donnelly. (Reformation 21)  Read review here.
  • Jeremy Walker: Wise Counsel: John Newton’s letters to John Ryland Jr.  (Reformation 21)  Read review here.
  • Jeremy Walker:  The Gospel Ministry. By Thomas Foxcroft.  (Reformation 21)  Read review here.

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