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We often have requests to buy several copies of our books for the purpose of giving them away to needy pastors or training groups in their church with our materials.  For those interested in buying several copies of our books, we would love to work with you.  Please write our Director of Operations, Randall Cofield and share what you need.  We will be happy to try and accommodate you with a discounted rate for your training purposes.

Contact Randall Cofield here to share your request:


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  1. J. Ricardo Smith says:

    Good Evening! I will be hosting a conference for local pastors and ministers in early 2017 and would love to purchase one title for a class we are offering. If you could tell the the bulk price of one title in the Practical Shepherding Complete Set, that be great. I also would like to give away the entire seven volume set in that conference as well to one pastor. Thanks in advance for your assistance and I am most grateful for these wonderful guides in your literature for pastors.

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