Brian Croft

“We’re happy to commend, not only this book, but Brian and Cara, for modeling so much of what is recommended here.”
-Thabiti & Kristie Anyabwile (from the foreword)
“…Read this book, and let Brian help you in helping others.”
-Mark Dever (from the foreword)
“Few books are more timely than this one, and I am thankful to Brian Croft for his faithful and careful consideration of the call to ministry”
-R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (from the foreword)
“How do we recover from the devastation of the steel trap of pornography? This little booklet is a great place to start. Pastor Brian’s theology is sound. I commend this booklet to you.”
-Jim Hamilton
“I needed this book thirty-five years ago!”
-Derek Thomas, Professor of Practical Theology, RTS
“This book is a superb treatment of this crucial aspect of pastoral ministry.”
-Daniel Akin, President of SEBTS
“I rejoice in Brian Croft’s book…Pastor Croft gives feet and hands to faith, showing us what it looks like in everyday life”
-Tom Schreiner (from the foreword)

Other Authors

“Adam Embry has served us well by assembling some choice selections from Flavel’s writing for us in this volume. May your heart be strengthened by listening to, pondering, and applying Flavel’s encouragements here.”
-Dr. Shawn D. Wright
Why do you lack motivation? Adam Embry gets to the heart of this issue: it’s not to do with a lack of willpower, but because we are controlled by sin and so fail to be the wise and diligent workers God created us to be.
How Sermons Work By David Murray
“The biblical, theological, and pastoral foundation of How Sermons Work is one of the many reasons I heartily commend David Murray’s ministry. I commend this practical guide to all who seek to evaluate their preaching with an aim to grow more faithful in this divine calling.”
-Brian Croft

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