The Pastor’s Soul: The Call and Care of an Undershepherd By: Brian Croft and Jim Savastio (Foreword by David Murray)

“Should be read at least once a year by every pastor as an all-important health check.” –Conrad Mbewe



The Pastor’s Family: Shepherding you family through the Challenges of Pastoral Ministry. By: Brian and Cara Croft (Foreword by Thabiti and Kristie Anyabwile)
“We’re happy to commend, not only this book, but Brian and Cara, for modeling so much of what is recommended here.” -Thabiti & Kristie Anyabwile
“Brian Croft is a thoughtful, theologically engaged practitioner and a source of sound wisdom on matters of ministry.”  -Albert Mohler

Facing Snarls and Scowls: Preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity in church revitalization By: Brian Croft and James B. Carroll (Foreword by: Mark Clifton)

“Every pastor needs to read this book!” – Mark Clifton


Biblical Church Revitalization: Solutions for Dying and Divided ChBCR book coverurches By: Brian Croft (Foreword by Harry Reeder)
“This is certain to become the definitive resource for rescuing dying churches in our generation.” – Mark Clifton (NAMB)
Visit the Sick: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Illness.  By: Brian Croft  (Foreword by Mark Dever)
“…Read this book, and let Brian help you in helping others.” -Mark Dever
“Few books are more timely than this one, and I am thankful to Brian Croft for his faithful and careful consideration of the call to ministry” -Albert Mohler
“I needed this book thirty-five years ago!” -Derek Thomas
“This book is a superb treatment of this crucial aspect of pastoral ministry.” –Daniel Akin
Gather God's PeopleGather God’s People: Understand, Plan, and Lead Worship in the Local Church  By: Brian Croft and Jason Adkins (Foreword by Bob Kauflin)
I have no doubt that what’s written here will enable you to enjoy Sunday meetings that are more thoughtful, emotionally engaging, and life-transforming.”  -Bob Kauflin 
Comfort the GrievingComfort The Grieving: Ministering God’s grace in times of loss By: Paul Tautges (Foreword by Brian Croft)
“I highly commend this book and its author.”  -Brian Croft
Oversee God's peopleOversee God’s People: Shepherding the flock through Administration and Delegation By: Brian Croft and Bryce Butler (Foreword by Daniel Montgomery)
“It is exceedingly rare to find a book on administration from the heart of a pastor, but that’s what Brian and Bryce have given us.  You’ll wish they’d kept on writing.” -Jamie Dunlop
Pray for the flockPray For The Flock: Ministering God’s Grace Through Intercession  By: Brian Croft and Ryan Fullerton (Foreword by Don Whitney)
“This book is from two praying pastors who will teach you about praying for God’s people. If you are in pastoral ministry, you’ll want to consider this book.” -Don Whitney
widows bookCaring For Widows:  Ministering God’s Grace  By: Brian Croft and Austin Walker (Foreword by Mike McKinley)
“The widows in my congregation owe a debt of gratitude to the authors of this book. They will doubtlessly receive better care as a result of their pastor reading it.” -Mike McKinley
Being a Pastor: A Conversation with Andrew Fuller  By: Michael A.G. Haykin and Brian Croft (with Ian H. Clary)
-Now Available
9781781915295Mea Culpa: Learning from Mistakes in Ministry  By: Kyle McClellan  (Foreword by Brian Croft)
“Read this book. Learn from Kyle. Receive these essential lessons from a wise, broken man who has lived it, possesses the scars from it, owns the T-shirt and yet by the grace of God still stands.”  -Brian Croft
“In this book, Pastor James Carroll gives tangible evidence of how the power of God’s grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ took the heartbreak of a twelve year old boy and transformed him into a strong, wise, and compassionate minister of the gospel and shepherd of God’s people.” – Brian Croft
“How do we recover from the devastation of the steel trap of pornography? This little booklet is a great place to start. Pastor Brian’s theology is sound. I commend this booklet to you.” – Jim Hamilton
A Faith That Endures: Meditations on Hebrews 11 By: Brian Croft (Foreword by Tom Schreiner)
“I rejoice in Brian Croft’s book…Pastor Croft gives feet and hands to faith, showing us what it looks like in everyday life” -Tom Schreiner
Brian Croft – Contributor of 2 chapters
guide book sbtsA Guide to Church Revitalization (Ed. by Albert Mohler)  Brian Croft – Contributor of 3 chapters
MoreFaithfulService-coverMore Faithful Service (Ed. by Albert Mohler) Brian Croft – Contributor
Essential Reading on Preaching (Ed. by Albert Mohler) Brian Croft – Contributor
Kellmen bookGospel Conversations: How To Care Like Christ By: Robert Kellemen (Foreword by Brian Croft)
“This book is practical, well-balanced, and an incredibly useful tool that will press others to be real, raw, and honest in the safety of Christian community, which is essential to get to those deeper places in our souls.” -Brian Croft
Don’t Just Send a Resume By: Benjamin Vrbicek
(Contributor – Cara Croft)
Church Leadership and Strategy for the Care of Souls By: Harold Senkbeil and Lucas Woodford
(Foreword by Brian Croft)
-Forthcoming November 2019

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