Below is the audio and video of some of the conferences to which Brian Croft has spoken.  You can access them by clicking on the video or audio links provided:

The 9 Marks/NAMB Church Revitalization Conference (November 2016)

How do you raise up elders and deacons when there are none?

The Sacramento Gospel Conference (May 2016)

The Chapel Service at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (February 2015)

“Should I Plant or Revitalize a Local Church?”  (Titus 2)

The Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Conference (August 2013)


The One8 Pastor’s Boot camp (August 2013)


The Call Conference @ Charlotte Chapel (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Top 10 Biblical priorities for every pastor in the church:

The 7th Day Baptist General Conference (August 2012)

The Berean Baptist Church Family Conference (May 2012)


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