Speaking Itinerary

Below is Brian’s speaking itinerary. If you would like to request him to speak at your event, please visit our contact page and fill out our form.


  • January 7, The Pastor and Counseling Panel Discussion, SBTS, Louisville, KY.
  • January 29, KBC Shepherding Conference, Marriott, Lexington, KY.
  • February 24, Q and A with pastoral interns, Clifton Baptist Church.
  • March 14, Practical Shepherding Workshop, Birmingham, AL
  • March 29, Lifeway Event on The Pastor’s Family, SBTS
  • April 10, Preaching @ The Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville,
  • April 11, Practical Shepherding Workshop, Louisville, KY @ Immanuel Baptist Church
  • April 22-23, Leadership Retreat, Hurstbourne Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.
  • May 6, Practical Shepherding Workshop, Sacramento, CA.
  • May 6-7, Sacramento Gospel Conference, Sacramento, CA
  • June 12, NAMB Revitalize Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • September 16, Pastors and wives banquet, FBC Mt. Washington.
  • October 25-26, Expositor’s Summit, SBTS, Louisville, KY

2015 (Past Engagements)

  • January 5, Practical Shepherding Workshop, NKBA, Erlanger, KY.
  • February 24, Preaching Chapel @ SBTS, Louisville, KY.
  • February 25, Panel Discussion with Immanuel BC Interns, @SBTS Legacy Center.
  • February 25, Pastoral Intern discussion, Clifton Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.
  • April 5, Preaching @ The Reformed Baptist Church, Evening Service.
  • April 20, Practical Shepherding Workshop, PBA, Pikeville, KY.
  • April 27, Practical Shepherding Workshop, SIBA, New Albany, IN.
  • May 8-9, Marriage Conference, The Baptist Church of Andover, Lexington, KY
  • June 6, Practical Shepherding Workshop, NBA, Mt. Washington, KY.
  • July 15, Preaching D.Min Chapel Service @ SBTS, Louisville, KY.
  • July 16, Lecturing D.Min Seminar on Church Revitalization, SBTS, Louisville, KY.
  • July 24-25, Pastor’s Retreat, Freemont, NB
  • July 26, Preaching Grace Presbyterian Church, Freemont, NB
  • August 30, Preaching Belleport Baptist Church (PM Service), Frankfort, KY.
  • September 14, Webcast discussion, GBP, London, England.
  • September 15, KBC Strengthening Pastor’s Luncheon, Parkway Baptist Church, Bardstown, KY.
  • September 16, KBC Missionary Retreat, Cumberland Falls State Park, Corbin, KY.
  • September 23, Church Revitalization Panel Discussion, @SBTS, Louisville, KY.
  • October 26, Lecturing in D.Min Seminar, Interpersonal Communication for Pastoral Ministry, SBTS
  • October 29, Practical Shepherding Workshop, SBTS, Louisville, KY.

2014 (Past Engagements)

  • February 16, Ordination Service, Calvary Baptist Church
  • February 24, LRBA Church Revitalization Training.
  • March 30, The Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville, PM Service
  • April 7, Practical Shepherding Workshop, @SBTS.  Register:  Here
  • April 25-26, The Mile High Pastor’s Conference,  Denver, CO
  • May 15, KY Baptist Convention Leaders Retreat for DOM’s.
  • May 30-31, Pastors and Wives Retreat, Northern KY Baptist Association.
  • June 24, Intern discussion, Castle view Baptist Church.
  • June 25, Intern discussion, Oak Park Baptist Church.
  • July 31, Midwest Center for Theological Studies, Q and A discussion on webcast.
  • September 2, Indiana Southeast Baptist Association, Pastor’s Fellowship.
  • September 6, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Men’s Fellowship
  • October 14, Salem Baptist Association, Mead County, KY.
  • October 31, The Reformation Celebration @ The Bible Church of Little Rock, Little Rock, AR
  • November 1, Leadership Training @ The Bible Church of Little Rock, Little Rock, AR
  • November 2, Bible Study and Morning service @ The Bible Church of Little Rock, Little Rock, AR
  • November 18, Pastor’s Fellowship for Practical Theology, Reformed Baptist Church, Louisville
  • December 1, Webcast discussion, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary.

2013 (Past Engagements)

  • January 27, Preaching at Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Ndola, Zambia.
  • January 28 – February 1,  Lecturing @ The Copperbelt Ministerial College, Zambia.
  • February 3, Preaching at Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • March 22,   Pastoral Intern and leadership Training, Immanuel Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.
  • March 31, Preaching at The Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville, Louisville, KY (6:00 pm)
  • April 30, Lecturing for Applied Ministry class, SBTS, Louisville, KY.
  • May 13, Pastoral Intern Discussion, Clifton Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.
  • June – July, Sabbatical from Auburndale Baptist Church
  • August 5-6, ONE8 Pastor’s Conference, Olive Branch, MS.
  • August 22-24, Puritan Reformed Conference (PRTS) Grand Rapids, MI
  • September 24, Pastoral Fellowship for Practical Theology, Reformed Baptist Church, Louisville, KY
  • October 1, Pastor’s gathering, Muldraugh Baptist Church in Muldraugh, KY.
  • November 17, Preaching at the Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville, KY.
  • December 9, Pastors and Wives Dinner, Northern Kentucky Baptist Association.



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