Our Practical Shepherding Workshops consist of an intense half-day conference (4-5 hours) of practical training for pastors, church leaders, and aspiring pastors to help pastors thrive in the trenches of pastoral ministry.  We accomplish this through two main workshops we offer that feature the core of our resources:

Workshop #1: The Complete Pastor

This workshop focuses on the wholistic care of a pastor through highlighting these 3 essential areas of a pastor’s life: The Pastor Soul, The Pastor’s Ministry, The Pastor’s Family. These 3 areas are needed to assure pastors address the important areas of their life to be equipped and healthy to persevere in a long fruitful ministry.


Workshop #2: Biblical Church Revitalization

This workshop focuses on the need for church revitalization in declining and dying churches through highlighting these 3 essential areas: Perseverance, Planning, and Preaching. These 3 areas are needed to adequately train pastors who are laboring in the difficult and unique challenges of church revitalization.


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