What is a Practical Shepherding workshop?

Our Practical Shepherding Workshop is an intense practical training for pastors, church leaders, and aspiring pastors that focus on the life of a pastor to “Pay careful attention to yourself and your flock” (Acts 20:28).  We accomplish this by focusing on 5 main areas:

1) The Pastor’s Soul:

Ironically, the soul most neglected in the midst of pastoral ministry is often the very soul of the pastor.  This session focuses on the biblical, internal calling of a pastor and how a pastor intentionally cares for his own heart, mind, and soul throughout the rigors of pastoral ministry.

2) The Pastor’s Ministry:

There are so many pressures and demands on the pastor’s schedule.  This session helps highlight the main biblical priorities of every pastor’s ministry and how to discern the daily activities that should primarily take up a pastor’s time.

3) The Pastor’s Family:

Pastors often neglect their families and place them on the altars of their ministries.  This session is designed to call pastors first to shepherd their families before their flock and how a pastor can shepherd his wife and children through the unique challenges they each face with his ministry.

4)  The Pastor’s Journey:

This is the story of the first ten years of Brian Croft’s ministry as Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church.  Brian honestly shares about the extremely difficult first five years when he endured 3 potential firings, the next five years where the hostilities evolved to loving, redemptive relationships, then five lessons Brian learned about himself and his own soul as a result.

5) The Pastor’s Inquiry:

We assume pastors come to this workshop with questions about their ministries and the first four sessions will very likely create even more questions.  This final session is a Q and A session of a panel of 4-5 pastors intentionally chosen and is moderated by Brian Croft.


When does a Practical Shepherding workshop take place?

A workshop is designed to last 4-5 hours.  The common time to schedule a workshop is a Saturday morning (8 am – 1 pm), or a half day during the week (9 am – 2 pm; or 5 pm – 10 pm).

Where does a Practical Shepherding workshop take place?

Workshops can take place anywhere, but the most common hosts are churches, seminaries, and church associations.  The host provides the registration, space, tables and chairs for attendees, snacks and drinks for breaks between sessions and any needed sound amplification.  Practical Shepherding staff will take care of a bookstore, content of the workshop, and any other logistics for the event.

What is the cost and what do the attendees receive?

The average cost ranges between $0 – $50 depending upon the organization sponsoring the event.  The cost of the event does however include a workbook, snacks and drinks, and special discounted prices of all our Practical Shepherding books.

How do I bring a Practical Shepherding Workshop to my area?

If you would like to bring our team to do a workshop, here are the details to do so:

Click here: Details to host and sponsor a workshop




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