Do you wish to bring a Practical Shepherding Workshop to your area?

Practical Shepherding travels and teaches 4-5 hour intense workshops for pastors and church leaders to help them thrive in the trenches of pastoral ministry. For more details about our workshops, click here.

For those interested in hosting a workshop in your area, here are some of the logistics:

What do you provide as a host?

  • The host will cover a fee of $3,000 (plus travel expenses not included).  This fee will cover workshop materials and a Practical Shepherding team to come, teach, organize, and administrate the workshop onsite.  This fee has been shared often by several churches or organizations who partner together to bring the PS team to one centralized location. Travel expenses for the PS team are negotiated with the host depending upon the location.
  • The host will provide a location for the event.
  • The host will provide any food and drinks you wish to offer to the attendees.
  • The host will handle the registration for the event and any payment you wish to charge.
  • The host will help promote the event.

What does Practical Shepherding provide?

  • Practical Shepherding will provide the full team onsite to provide workshop teaching, set up and administrate a bookstore, and general oversight to the event.
  • Practical Shepherding will provide a bookstore of Practical Shepherding books as well as other pastoral ministry resources at a special discounted rate offered only to the attendees of the workshop.
  • Practical Shepherding will provide detailed and regular promotion for the event through social media, email, and other Practical Shepherding events.

If you are interested in inviting us to come do a workshop in your area, please contact Sean Corser at this email address:




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